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Big Changes a’Brewing

My dear readers, it looks like I’ll have some new motivation to post on here more frequently. In the next month or so Randy and I will be relocating to Japan so that Randy can take an assignment working out of his company’s Tokyo office.

It’s been a ridiculously long process in the making, with his company first proposing the assignment in early December. Nearly five months later the ball finally appears to be rolling. Yesterday, Randy received his Certificate of Eligibility, which the Japanese Immigration Office grants after reviewing his relocation package. This morning we went to the Japanese Consulate in Boston to get the visa stamp (which will be ready on Monday).

Next weekend we’re flying to Tokyo to go apartment hunting. Actually we’ll fly through San Francisco and spend a day with friends there before continuing on to Tokyo on Sunday. We’ll have just over a week there to search for apartments, with most of Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday designated as apartment hunting days.

This, more than any other part of the relocation is what excites me the most. I’ve always enjoyed checking out properties. I love change. Plus, I’m very excited to be moving back into the heart of a city again. We’ve both essentially agreed on various criteria:

Walkable to Randy’s office (for him)

Walkable to a subway station (for both of us)

1,000 square feet or more (both of us)

Two toilets and at least two bedrooms (both of us)

Air-conditioning, washer/dryer in unit (both of us)

…and my favorite part, in a high-rise (for me…though Randy is willing)

If I’m going to be in the middle of a city, I want to be able to overlook said city. And what better way than on a high floor? We’ve looked online at properties that fit that description and there are currently a number of units starting on the 11th floor and going up to the 55th floor of various buildings. The ones I’m most interested in range from the 19th through 28th floors. Plus, these are modern buildings with better seismic stability. It’s a win-win. Safety and a view!

And after nearly 5 years in suburbia, I think city living will do me some good (especially since because of Randy’s work we’re not likely to live in downtown Boston when we return.

Anyway, after we select an apartment, his company will arrange the lease for us (which takes a few weeks). They’ll then set it up for us by the time we move there (delivering furniture we will pre-select, setting up our utilities, etc…).

Once we’re there I hope to post more on here. Instead of Adventures in Gastronomy I wonder if I’ll need to rename it to Adventures in Tokyo? Or Adventures of an Expat? Or Adventures in Culture Shock? Or, considering my lack of interest in exotic foods, perhaps Adventures in Gastronomy remains the title of choice?

So…who’s up for a 14 hour flight? We want guests.




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