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Hands Off – He’s Mine!

It sure has been a busy month. It seems that we’ve been on the go non-stop since Memorial Day (when we went to Maine). Since then we’ve had 8 guests stay with us and got married.

The wedding was great (though, this is probably old news to most of you who also follow on Facebook and have already seen the photos). I think my mother actually cried more than anybody else there. Most of the pics came out well, though some photoshopping needs to be done to remove the sweat stains from the front and back of my shirt. My light blue shirt became increasing navy blue as the day went on.

We also had Randy’s mom, dad, and aunt visit for 6 days (plus my parents and brother came up and stayed nearby).

Last weekend we had a smallish reception for some friends at a local bowling alley (there was absolutely nothing traditional about this wedding). We had a great time (as did most people, so it seems). We left cameras out and other people used them to take pics (which are posted on Facebook, too). Our friend, Peter, though, seemed to fancy some guy at the bowling alley who was not part of our group because we seem to have more photos of him than of anybody we actually know. Seriously…there are probably 20 photos or more of just him. If we were still using 35mm film I’d probably be pissed. Instead, I just deleted the bad ones and kep the good ones.

So now life is back to normal as the last of our guests left yesterday. Randy and I are both exhausted and can’t wait for the honeymoon to Hawaii. The first few days will be busy exploring the Big Island (Volcanoes National Park, Waipio Rim, etc…) but the last 6-7 days will be at resorts, beaches, and pools.

Calgon – take me away!

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