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Will Somebody Please Press Charges?

Does anybody else out there think that Harold Camping (the freakazoid crazy-man who “predicted” the rapture in 1994, then again May 21, 2011, oh, wait, now October 21, 2011) should be arrested? Here me out.

If you cry “FIRE!” in a crowded theater, it’s against the law. Harold Camping has essentially done that. But not to a theater of a few hundred, but to hundreds of millions. He caused uneccesary panic. Granted, it was only panic to a naive, stupid, ignorant useless portion of society that, to be honest, we’d probably be better off without anyway, but it’s still panic.

Now I’m hearing on the news that people spent their life savings over the past few months since they figured they’d be dead. Some have spent upwards of hundreds of thousands of dollars to actually help him spread the word. There’s also been a few people who have killed themselves out of fear. In particular, there’s a mother who slit the throats of her two children on Saturday (unfortunately failing at slitting her own) all because she was afraid of the rapture.

Mr. Camping, I call that manslaughter. Not for the mother (what she did was murder in the first degree), but manslaughter for you because you’re an asshole who put fear into the minds of the easily manipulated. You didn’t “pull the trigger”, but you were the reason behind it. You’re an accomplice, the mastermind, the ring leader. If this was the mob, you’d be the boss.

You disgust me. You should be put behind bars for your irresponsible behaviour and I hope that somebody, somewhere, has the balls to call you out on it and lock you up.

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