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A House is Not a Home

Well, THAT house will not be OUR home. After much deliberation, Randy and I decided against purchasing that home in Arlington. Shockingly, we came ‘thisclose’ to putting in an offer.

After visiting it twice during the open house on Monday, then returning again Monday night, we continuously went back and forth. At times Randy was ready to place and offer but I was reluctant. Then once he finally swayed me into being for it, he got cold feet. Then I swayed him, he swayed me, I swayed him. If we were on a dance floor that would be one thing, but unfortunately that wasn’t the case.

Then, after some number crunching (even creating dummy tax returns to see the financial benefits) we concluded that a) we both loved the space itself and b) we could afford the place for a year or so if one of us lost a job.

We told Ed, my friend and our broker, to come by last night to sign the papers.

After some small talk, we told Ed our offer price and discussed a list of improvements we’d want done prior to moving in. He even pulled out the paperwork to sinch (cynch? synch? cinch?) the deal. Then either Randy or I (I can’t recall who) asked Ed what he thought of the place…and whether he could see us in it.

And, most suprisingly for a real estate broker, he hesitated. He did say he could see us in it, but also admitted that other stuff is going to come onto the market in the next few months that would probably be a better fit. Specifically, a condo or home that provided a place for Randy to grill (which this place lacked) and a place closer to convenient public transit for me.

So, he slipped his papers back into his folder and the purchase is on hold.

Of course, if the owner drops the price to an unbeatable level, we’d jump at the chance again (I can’t repeat how much we love the actual space). But for now, the search goes on.


  1. Comment by Zach on March 20, 2009 7:27 pm

    I think everyone will now want your broker.

  2. Comment by Chris on March 21, 2009 3:03 am

    Cinch or clinch, depending on which you prefer, but not the others, no.

    And my (unasked for) thought is that if you went back and forth so much between the two of you, it wasn’t the right place.

  3. Comment by kevjohn on March 23, 2009 8:20 pm

    A home purchase isn’t something to rush into. It sounds like you two are weighing all the benefits and drawbacks and thinking this out properly.

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