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Wishin’ and Hopin’, and Thinkin’ and Prayin’

What a bizarre day yesterday was. Everything seemed normal while at work. Then Randy and I headed out to check out some local condos that are for sale. In case I’ve not mentioned it, we’re thinking of finding a new place. Even before I moved into his condo, we discussed eventually buying a place of our own together. Part of this was to have our names on the mortgage together, but other important factors came into play;

  • Size/layout of the condo. The current one has the master bedroom in the middle of the house so if one person is trying to sleep, it’s inevitable that you hear the other person in any room he’s in (kitchen, bath, guestroom/office, dining room, and living room).
  • Second bathroom. We both have to get up/prep for work at the same time and sharing one bathroom can occasionally be problematic (which is pathetic considering my childhood home at 4 people and 1 bathroom). But, dammit, I’m getting older and enjoy certain small luxuries.
  • Location. Out current place is at least a mile to the nearest subway stop. It’s also a 10+ minute walk to the nearest “conveniences” (shops, restaurants, etc…) and 20 minutes to any major hub of activity. With me not having a car, it can be pretty damn inconvenient when it’s cold, snowy, rainy, or hot (pretty much, I’d say).

Anyway, it was always been our plan to eventually move. But a few months ago our upstairs neighbors told us that they were going to have a baby. I think that was what made us realize is really was time to start the process. Neither Randy nor I want kids, nor are we particularly fond of the noises they’re prone to make…a lot…during the first few years.  We can already hear them walking around with just two of them, I can’t imagine what it will sound like with 3AM crying and, heaven forbid, a year or so from now when a toddler starts walking.

So, yesterday we viewed our first few properties. I absolutely loved the first one. Top floor (no neighbor noise!), 2 bed, 2 bath, gut-renovated with central air, slightly larger than our current place. The location couldn’t be beat, either…a 2 minute walk in either direction to Davis Square subway (red line subway, 87, 88, 96 bus) or Mass Ave (77 bus). It was also on a one way street gets no traffic. There were three downsides: one parking space (but no garage), laundry was in basement, and price was higher than we’d want to pay for it (though still in our price range).

The second property was crap…but the location/setting was cute (for Cambridge, it actually felt rural – with a big yard and red barn to view out back).

The third property was nearly as nice as the first one. It was even larger, spread out over two floors, but had no AC, tandem parking (ugh), and wasn’t so conveniently located. Two hours later the broker told us it had since received an offer. Oh well.

Anyway, That was my afternoon…traipsing though other people’s homes.

Then, last night, Randy and I were watching New Adventures of Old Christine when I started fast-forwarding thru the commercials and yelped (literally, I yelped) at what I thought I saw. “That’s Matt’s mom!,” I screamed (Matt is my ex of 10 years). Randy looked at me as if I was insane since it was just during a nano-second fastforward freeze that I saw her face, but I rewound and played the whole commercial. Lo and behold, there was his mother in a commercial for Mutual of Omaha insurance company. She was talking (in her Texas accent) about leaving Texas and moving to San Francisco to be with her son. BIZARRE! My exes mom is in a national TV campaign.

Then I got an email from my old college room mate this his cousin (Megan Corkrey) is on the current American Idol.

Life is strange.

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  1. Comment by Jeffrey on March 12, 2009 10:22 pm

    Good luck on your house hunt. It’s a great time to buy something. Don’t be afraid to low ball ’em. Something else will always come along.

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