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Mexico, Part III (my friend)

It’s Monday, it’s snowing, I’m in the office.

But the trip was great. I can’t recall exactly where I left off, but after the busy first few days of driving to the ruins and exploring them (Chichen Itza and Coba) we arrived in Playa del Carmen for the rest of the trip. Our intention was to stay the last day/night in Cancun, but we enjoyed Playa so much we changed our hotel reservation and stayed.

Which provided us with one more uninterrupted beach day.

We also started meeting new people toward the end of the trip. We met another gay couple staying in our hotel while on the beach. They were from NYC and we ended up getting together with them for a few dinners and breakfast (since breakfast is served at the hotel). On our last night (Saturday) we met another gay couple (also from NYC).

Truth be told, our hotel was probably 50% gay (the former owner was gay so it still attracts a large gay crowd). And what a charming hotel it was. It was apparently two separated hotels mixed into one. Typical of the area, it’s a courtyard style building that goes from one block to the next. The rooms are mostly along the perimeter and face the courtyards or street. Ours was actually a building in the courtyard. It was all very plush and tropical. In addition to the two ground level pools, there were three sun decks on various roofs of the buildings.

Randy and I both discussed this and we had such a great time, that Playa del Carmen is definitely a destination that we’d want to return to again. Airfare was cheap ($75 each way, plus tax), it’s not too far (jus over 4.5 hours direct, 7 hours or so with connections), lodging was very reasonable, and food and (for Randy) alcohol were really cheap. Although simple continental breakfast came with the rooms, for just over $2 you could get an omelete. Every afternoon they had 2-for-1 drinks (Randy and his Mojitos again).

We tried various options at the beach and enjoyed them all. The first day we walked a bit far to a secluded area (peaceful, but windy). The second day we packed ourselves in the crowded section (mmm – people watching). The last two days were sprung for “Beach Club” membership at Kool Beach Club. For 70 pesos ($4.66) you got a VERY comfy 3-4 inch mattress on a wood frame with a large beach umbrella. It also came with 2 free bottles of water. In addition, servers will bring you food and drinks…and in the background a DJ plays ambient music on a sound system. There is also a pool and bathrooms.

It just made it so relaxing (albeit crowded). The days we went to the beach club we lasted at the beach all day (whereas the other days on the sand we’d get uncomfortable and head back earlier). Oh, and for any straight readers out there, Playa del Carmen’s beaches are topless.

It truly is rare that Randy and I are willing to return to a place (we both always want to try new things). In all the travel that we’ve done, the only places we’ve both agreed we’d like to return to are Buenos Aires and Prague. And Playa is leaps and bounds ahead of Key West, our most recent trip. It has better beaches, a better atmosphere, better prices, and a charming shopping/dining street (unlike Key West’s horrible, typical “Main Street, USA” of Duvall Street).

We have a few remaining pesos…and we can’t wait to use them.

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    Senor, Want to buy this, its almost Free!

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