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(Almost) That Time of Year

For the first time in 2009 I rode my scooter to work. I did start it once in early January as I was shoveling the driveway, but otherwise it has sat untouched for nearly three months.

And it was pissed for being neglected. It took me more than 10 minutes just to get it started. And then I let it run for another 10 minutes or so before venturing out into the street. But it worked. I made it to work safely and efficiently, dodging Yugo sized potholes everywhere.

That’s the big concern…pot holes. Some are the size of the scooter tire and if you go over one, it could flip you right over. Fortunately, it’s now day light when I go to work and when I return from work so I should at least be able to see them…and hopefully avoid them.

And by the time we get back from Mexico, the U.S. will already have participated in Daylight Savings Time (the night of March 7th). So, even MORE light in the evening. WOO HOO!


  1. Comment by Melody on February 27, 2009 12:05 pm

    Karl & Randy, have a GREAT time in Mexico. Randy, I really want a picture of Karl in the Gilligan hat. LOL

  2. Comment by Randy on February 27, 2009 4:48 pm

    Im going to try to avoid like the plague…

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