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Christmas Boogie

And by “boogie” I don’t mean dancing. By boogie I mean green/yellow phlegm that sprays out of my nose and throat.

Yep, the reason I’ve not blogged for the past few days is that I caught a nasty, nasty, nasty cold.

WTF? I had a much longer post written but it only posted the first two sentences. Damn, and it was witty, too.

Well, let me try to recapture the magic:

Friday night I felt great and we had dinner/games night. On Saturday we went into the Back Bay to watch the Annual Santa Speedo Run. That night, we went to Pete’s for dinner and more games. Then I woke up Sunday and it went down hill from there. Sore throat, all over body achiness (to the point that toweling off after the shower felt like mini razor blades scraping my skin. I had a nearly 101 temperature, but Randy was the best nurse I could have asked for (he’s so good to me).

I took Monday and tuesday off as sick days and am just now feeling well enough to venture outdoors…and of course it’s snowing/raining/slushy out there.

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  1. Comment by Dave in Chicago (2) on December 17, 2008 4:52 pm

    Fresh photos from this year’s run? Post!

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