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(Christmas) Baby, Please Come Home

Poor Randy. His week long trip to visit family for Thanksgiving has been extended. The airlines said yesterday’s weather was the culprit and the earliest next flight they could get him was nearly 24 hours later. So, instead of coming home yesterday, he’ll arrive this evening.

And it’s about time. I’m getting sick of all of his recent lengthy travel, dammit.

Otherwise, I had a great holiday. I went to the Cape on Wednesday and stayed with my family until Friday. We had some tasty food and played more card games than you could ever imagine. On Friday night I got together with some cousins I’d not seen in ages (decade+). One lives in Manhattan, another still lives locally and is a dead ringer for Cameron Diaz (which she apparently hates hearing). We all hung out at my other cousin’s house (who I’ve only seen once in the past 7 years) and had dinner, chatted, looked over old family photos and had an all around good time. We’re going to try to plan something for Christmas, but it may be tough since I’ll be gone from Christmas Eve until January 6).

The rest of the weekend was lowkey. I did nothing on Saturday (and loved it). And I attempted to go see the movie, Milk, with Chris and Pete yesterday but it was sold out. Instead, we watched “Die, Mommie! Die!” on DVD.

And now it’s officially the holiday season so I no longer have to be embarrassed about listening to Christmas music. YAY!

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