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That’s me.

So I’ve brought my new laptop home and it works wonderfully. Randy set me up with Wifi at home so when he left my apartment last weekend, I had wireless internet access and life was good.

Then on Tuesday night I decided I should make it a secure connection (versus allowing other people to hitch free wifi off of me). Now I’ve managed to make it EXTREMELY secure…by even preventing me from connecting to the internet.

Everything shows up as a “connected.” Even better, it shows up as a “Very Strong” connection. Yet that matters not since it won’t allow my laptop to use it. I’m damn near ready to give up, but Randy is going to be coming over tomorrow and can hopefully figure things out.

OH! And I’ve got some gossip on my hellish upstairs neighbor! She was obnoxiously loud on Wednesday night (thumping up the hallways stairs and talking loudly, banging around her apartment, moving furniture) well past midnight. Consequently, with my cold and with her constant noise, I wasn’t able to sleep very well.

Groggy, I shot off an email to my landlord (my second one) asking if they had any other units available (preferably top-floor). Then I mentioned the reasons (the ones I mentioned above plus the sex I heard her having last month).

The landlord replied rather promptly and said that she was embarrassed that this was happening and that she’d just heard identical complaints from another tenant, too…including the loud sex! She promised to send somebody up there (her husband?) to warn her that if her rude behavior doesn’t stop, she will be evicted. She’d been warned by the landlord once before, and I complained to my neighbor myself (via letter) back in September.

I personally think she has been extra loud just to spite me as a result of the September correspondence (and the landlords December warning). I never heard the previous tenant – and only rarely heard the guy who lived up there before that. But this new one has gone from walking loudly in the stairway last fall to actually thumping her feet like a spoiled child over the past month. The same goes for the way she walks around her apartment. Even SHE is louder than she was last fall – it has to be intentional.

Or I’ve become a conspiracy theorist.



  1. Comment by Steve on January 5, 2007 4:00 pm

    Good! Throw the bitch out! I think I told you once about this chick that lived above us. Of course, we know she didn’t weigh 500-freakin-pounds, but it sure did sound like it. Something must have happened, ‘cuz after only three months, she’s gone. Your wireless problem has got to be something simple, and once it’s fixed, it’ll change your life! Just ask Chris. He can take his laptop to the… I’ll just leave it at that. Hope you have a great weekend.

  2. Comment by Fred on January 6, 2007 5:48 pm

    Only worry I would have, given that this evil rutting cow above ye is clearly getting vindictive and facing eviction, is that she may get truly unpleasant/physically vindictive beyond the noisemaking…clearly she has poor impulse control and/or anger management skills (like, those of a four year-old…). So, be careful stepping into darkened hallways and the like…could be a Stephen-King-worthy scenario “The Neighbor!” (grin).

  3. Comment by Mary on January 7, 2007 8:50 am

    It really makes a person irate when neighbour makes such noice

  4. Comment by Will on January 7, 2007 5:56 pm

    It’s good you have your landlord’s support and that you aren’t the only tenant to have complained. I hope this latest incident of complaints to the landlord finally gets some results.

    My sense is that eviction is the one that would bring the greatest and most permanent relief.

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