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How Do I Loathe Catholicism?

Let me count the ways.

Actually, I don’t have the energy, nor the time, to list the ways. Hell, I don’t think my server could accommodate the length of my rant. So today I shall focus on their most recent annoyance.

It’s well established that the catholic church believes in following its traditional teachings and  they don’t want to sway from them. Well, good for them for holding on to their convictions.

Same-sex marriage? Of course they’ll fight it because their traditional teachings forbid man laying down with man (despite the fact that civil marriage has nothing to do with their religion and the laws wouldn’t require them to perform same-sex marriage).

Gay and lesbian adoptions? Well, if gays shouldn’t be cohabitating then they most certainly shouldn’t be raising children. So, instead of following their “values” of protecting children, they’d rather abandon ALL adoptions leaving more children in the system. Personally, I’m fine if their religion doesn’t allow them to adopt to gays and lesbians. But they shouldn’t be receiving state money (MY tax money) if they do so. There’s a Jewish* organization that does adoption services without state-funding and the Catholics could do the same thing (instead of stopping all adoptions). But the catholic leadership would rather have their cake and eat it, too. Or, they’d rather be the spoiled brat at the party crying unless he can have all the cake.

Women in the priesthood? How offensive! Heaven forbid women be considered equals.

See? There’s a pattern here of keeping with tradition.

But wait – now I”m perplexed. It seems that catholic church IS willing to break with tradition when it’s convenient for them. You see, St. Patrick’s Day falls on a Friday (during Lent) this year. Traditionally, that means no meat. So, despite centuries of tradition and significance, bishops have decided that Catholics can be exempted from not being allowed to eat meat this year. Why? Presumably, because the corned beef is going to be necessary to absorb all of the alcohol they’ll be consuming.

What a hypocritical organization. If they can’t budge on the other issues, why can they budge on this one? Isn’t the whole Friday meat fasting thing all about paying respect to that god or jesus person their worship? Oh yes, we’ll follow your teachings unless it conflicts with our partying. We have to draw the line somewhere.


*This Jewish adoption agency, despite not being funded by the state in any way, happily allows gays and lesbians to adopt.


  1. Comment by Lise on March 16, 2006 12:18 pm

    Bill Maher: “If churches don’t have to pay taxes, they also can’t call the fire department when they catch fire. Sorry, Reverend, that’s one of those services that goes along with paying in. I’ll use the fire department I pay for; you can pray for rain.”
    Baptist, Catholics, all the same when it comes to intolerance & hypocrisy.

  2. Comment by Will on March 16, 2006 2:15 pm

    This one about the meat is strange because I remember the Church abandoning that prohibition against eating meat on Fridays some years ago. Of course a lot of Catholics continued the practice out of personal devotion, but I’m pretty sure the requirement is gone.

  3. Comment by chrispy on March 16, 2006 4:03 pm

    well, i still eat mcd’s fish sandwiches on fridays during lent! ::: bigger issues tho ::: what, molesting altarboys and then shaming them for life in order to keep them coming back or even serving the church as priests, and then molesting more altarboys? ::: what, gay catholic priests not wanting regular ol’ gay people to marry? ::: the list of hypocrises is endless! happy green beer day!

  4. Comment by Dana on March 16, 2006 7:56 pm

    All too often I believe we confuse religion with Christianity. Even Jesus had issue with the established religion of his day.

    Though many churches are tax exempt from paying taxes, many still do make a donation based upon what they can afford to pay to the city where they live. Though this isn’t probably what they would be charged if they were a business they also do other social services that do help out the town. Some have soup kitchens, food pantries and provide other services to the poor. For all their faults they do try to help where it matters.

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