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Alone – in a good way

Mike I went to the Coolidge to see “Gay Sex in the 70’s” on Friday night. The film was playing in this miniscule screening room that I never knew existed in this beautiful old theatre. There were 50 seats and a screen no larger than a decent sized plasma TV. There were even 3 enormous windows (which were fortunately outfitted with heavy duty blinds). I suspect this was not originally a space used for showing films.

Anyway, the movie was quite interesting and entertaining. Being a man who reached puberty at the exact same time as AIDS reared its ugly head, it’s unfathomable for me to believe there was ever a time where casual sex like that was not a death sentence. And it makes it even more shocking that it was so recent (just a few years before my own hormones began going crazy).

That said, the archival footage was very fun and the interviews and stories recounting their experiences back then were a riot! The movie traces the experiences from Stonewall (1969) to the onset of AIDS (about 1981). Matt, my ex who now lives in San Francisco, got all political on my ass because he didn’t like the fact that it brought AIDS into the picture since we all know that’s how things ended up.

But I thought it made complete sense in explaining how that era came to be (the Stonewall riots initiated the freedom and AIDS brought it to an end). How else could the movie have explained why those behaviors ended? I’m beginning to think Matt is developing a San Francisco attitude toward things! he he

OH! The director was supposed to be at the screening to discuss making the film and to answer any questions. But after the crowd (of 50) was seated, the usher came in and said his plane was canceled and he’s trying to catch the next flight. He hoped to arrive to talk at the end of the NEXT screening. ARGH! I think it was a line of bull because there was absolutely NO reason for a flight to be canceled since the weather was perfect in Boston and New York City. I bet he missed his flight.

Anyway, Mike and I planned on going out to the Ramrod after the movie, but got side-tracked and we never went out.

On Saturday I did massive loads of laundry, bought new pillows for my bed (the salesman at the store was quite flirty and we chatted for 30 minutes), got a new cell phone, then tried visiting my sister-in-law at the hospital. She was asleep and I didn’t want to wake her so I just dropped off some DVD’s for her to watch. I went home and played on line and studied a bit for my classes.

My parents came up on Sunday and we went to the hospital to visit my sister-in-law for a few hours. Then, because I had to do all the driving, I forced them to take me grocery shopping since we had a car. I stocked up on a month’s worth of food. Later in the afternoon, Veselka Slut (Mark) came over to pick up the reading material for the class we’re taking. Then, because I’m easily distracted and because I’m a complete pig, we headed to Hanover Street for pastries. YUM!

All in all, a nice weekend with a good balance of the social time and alone time.


  1. Comment by Dave in Chicago (2) on February 6, 2006 12:10 pm

    “side-tracked”….mmmhmmm. ;-P

  2. Comment by JC on February 6, 2006 2:28 pm

    AAAAGH! I was actually at the 9PM screening of “Gay Sex in the 70s”! The director did, indeed, make it to that showing and had a lot of interesting things to say. We must have just missed each other.

  3. Comment by Brad on February 6, 2006 4:25 pm

    What kind of a pig?

  4. Comment by karyn on February 6, 2006 5:49 pm

    Crazy hormones? You? Nahhhhhhhhh…. Yeah, I’m with Dave, SIDETRACKED, riiiiiiiight.

  5. Comment by matt on February 6, 2006 8:07 pm

    …should have been called GAY SEX AND RESULTING ISSUES IN THE 70’s & THE EARLY 80’s.

    …was that the little screening room at Coolridge Corner? I liked that, but always felt they should charge less to see something in there.

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