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Poop and Circumstance

The Barnum and Bailey Ringling Brothers Circus is town and takes place next door to our condo at the Fleet Center. Since North Station is under the Fleet Center I’ll be passing by everyday for the next 10 days that it’s here. I never really gave this much though until this morning as I approached the station and smelled urine. It started just outside the doors – but also was very strong inside the terminal. I exited the terminal to walk along the platform (outside) and the urine smell then started to smell more like manure. That was when I remembered the Circus starts today. Yay.

Oh, and I heard a naughty word on the news this morning! Fox News was covering the Red Sox being in the finals (play-off’s? World Series?…whatever it’s called). Apparently, idiots spent the night on sidewalks outside the gates for a game that doesn’t start until 4PM this afternoon. VB, the conservative guy on Fox Morning News, was interviewing crowds and encouraging them to yell to show their excitement. Well, take rowdy, sleep-deprived, testosterone-imploding college kids and put them on camera and you get one of two things: either public inebriation and rioting (as in last years Red Sox fiasco that resulted in one death and one month-long coma) or you end up with stupidity. This morning, we got stupidity. As the crowds were screaming, the frat boy closest to the microphone used the F-word. No, he didn’t just use it, he SCREAMED it.

Surprisingly, VB just ignored it, turned to another group of kids sleeping on the sidewalk and stage-dived on top of them. More yelling ensued and the channel cut back to the studio, where the anchor-woman apologized to the audience. I wonder why they weren’t on that 5-second safety delay? I mean, the scenario was such a perfect recipe for such a thing to happen – it was inevitable. I wonder if the FCC will pick up on it. And Fox News, no less!

I can just see it now: national news picking up on it and showing the clip (bleeping the “u” and leaving in the F and CK…which makes me wonder “why bother bleeping it at all?”). But the embarassing part will be when they show the 250 +/- pound news reporter diving, and rolling around on top of, a gaggle of college kids.



  1. Comment by Will on October 8, 2004 9:18 pm

    Karl wrote: “rolling around on top of a gaggle of college kids.” [As it was at a baseball stadium, all presumably male].

    What a LOVELY image to end the day and head to bed with! Karl, I DO like the way you write.

  2. Comment by Karl on October 9, 2004 10:02 am

    Hey, Will!

    I’m glad I could provide you with that image! I just wish I could get the 250+ pound Republican news reporter out of the image.

  3. Comment by matt on October 10, 2004 12:38 pm

    Funny how the scents of the circus seem so similar to that of the Boston subway system.

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