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I’m Registered.

No, not to vote (though I am registered to vote and will be there bright and early in November). I’m registered for classes at Harvard in the fall. It’s such a great benefit of working here. I mean, I’m paying $40.00 per class. If I was regular student, the total cost for this semester alone would be nearly $3,000.00.

I’m being ambitious this semester and will be taking two classes (while working full time). I’ve tried doing this twice before. The first time was almost three years ago. I planned on taking Human Resources Management and Financial Accounting in the same semester. Then, within weeks of the semester beginning, we decided to buy our first condo and things got too crazy. I ended up dropping the accounting class.

Then last fall I decided to try it again. But I figured I’d make it easier on myself by taking one graduate level class (Conflict Resolution for Managers) and one undergraduate class for fun (French). So far I’ve completed 7 classes ( 3 undergraduate and 4 graduate).

This semester I’m taking Personal Financial Planning (getting that finance requirement out of the way) and Internet and Integrated Productivity Software for Managers (a fancy name for Computers: 101). After this, I’ll only have two classes left and, if I’m motivated again next semester, I’ll graduate in the spring! EEK!

I’m not into pomp and circumstance so I doubt I’ll participate in the ceremony. Well, at least not until somebody adds a little pizazz to the gowns. Sequins anybody?


  1. Comment by Underling on September 2, 2004 10:43 am

    Woo-hoo! Way to go you, Karl.

    I’ve attempted and failed to even get through the paperwork to get back into school. I just never seem to complete the process, but I really want to go back…think I’m afraid of being a student again.

    But one of these days I will go back and finish my highly useful Master’s in English Lit. (ha…ha…ha…)

  2. Comment by David on September 2, 2004 1:09 pm

    Finish and graduate–you get a party.
    Sequins=you don’t.

  3. Comment by David on September 2, 2004 1:09 pm

    Finish and graduate–you get a party.
    Sequins=you don’t.

  4. Comment by jeff on September 2, 2004 2:10 pm

    Goof for you – I’m still trying to figure out what I’d want to go back for…

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