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Playing Tourist Without Leaving Town

Mark (from Paris) is now gone – but I think we all collectively showed him a good time during his first trip to Boston. He stayed with Ben and Brad (the ones who introduced me to him) for the first few nights and with me the last few nights. Between Thursday and Saturday I brought […]

A Sense of Relief

I met with my new financial planner this morning. I wasn’t impressed with my last one – especially after she left the state and working with her became impossible. My new one is a lesbian (I wanted somebody familiar with the complexities of a gay person’s tax and inheritance concerns). This was our second meeting […]

Let’s Study this a Bit Further

The Boston Globe had an article today about better informing the public about bus routes and schedules and how these bus routes can connect you to various subway and commuter rail lines. Great idea. I’m with you 100% But then there was this little graphic that showed the three most popular bus lines and the […]

Come One, Come All

…to my place! It took over 3 hours – but I cleaned my apartment last night. I’ve been pretty bad lately. First, I’ve been spending at least half of my time over at Randy’s place so I’m┬ánot around much to make a mess. Yet that doesn’t seem to stop the dust bunnies from reproducing like, […]

Damn Easter Bunny

Randy got me pounds of candy for easter. POUNDS! Chocolates and jelly beans and peanut butter cups and M&M’s. I just want to point out that this same person who has commented on my expanding belly over the past 7 months (lovingly) is also the same person who gave me POUNDS of candy for Easter […]

On Tupperware and Knitting Needles

As a result of my ever-expanding belly (nearly 20 pounds gained since meeting Randy – that bastard) I’ve ceased taking the elevator and climb the stairs 5 flights to my office every day. And with meetings on other floors and going to the cafeteria (or nearby restaurants) for lunch each day, I go up and […]

You Take the Good, You Take the Bad, You Take Them Both and There You Have…

…the Facts of Life. The Facts of Life. I had a fairly productive weekend – personally and socially. Friday night I got together with a bunch of friends for wine and food (Anna’s Taqueria in Davis Square for the food part). MMMMMMM Speaking of facts of life…it’s a fact of life that you’ll find bargains […]