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Statistical Analysis

Now, I know that, statistically, the southern states are the fattest states in the country*. I believe that Colorado, Washington (state), Oregon, Massachusetts and Vermont are considered the thinnest states. After living through the past few days of extreme heat and humidity I don’t understand how that can be. I mean, all I ate yeaterday […]

OMG…WTF…and any other acronym that fits

I’m miserable. This week is a perfect example¬†of why I consistently bitch about summer. I’d take a blizzard over this any day. You know it’s bad when your cell phone rings, you pick it up, and it’s an automatically-generated recording from NStar advising me to conserve energy. You know it’s bad when you get in […]

I Do Feel Sympathy…

…but come on! Who the hell in their right mind would be vain enough to allow a man to perform costmetic surgery on themselves…in a basement…on a freaking massage table…next to the washer and dryer? I mean, it’s tragic what happened. It shouldn’t have happened. And I’ll be very curious to find out what type […]