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{ Monthly Archives } December 2003

Excceelleent – KDE/Mac makes more progress

Tales of the Racoon Fink is a very cool site if you’re interested in fink development and KDE porting to OS X. Personally, I’m psyched over KDE compatibility coming to OS X. That means piles and piles of applications that I’ve liked under Linux/BSD/UNIX will run natively in OS X. But it’s still making progress […]

Evil CEOs

Check out this Dilbert entry if you want to see an evil CEO. Sorry I can’t just link to the strip itself. That would constitute …. copyright infringement… fooey. But I’m sure you can click the link if you really want to see it.

Cyber Blackmail over email?

Wonderful, now the black hats are just sending emails off to people and threatening to delete files thruogh a security vulnerability unless the individual pays $20. And scarily it seems this tactic is working rather well. What sucks is that it’s such a small sum that it costs more to track down this problem for […]

Plone for Version Control?

I’ve heard of Using CVS for versioning your homedir however in the comments I noticed there was mention of using Plone as your data store. That’s rather interesting. Plone is a Content Management System built on top of Zope. From what I’ve seen it’s very impressive for open source software. I’ve done some Zope work […]

Ghost Warrior

Looking at the Blender site again I stumbled upon this: A 3d CG Martial Arts action flick. This looks very cool and it seems the movie was done by a one man animation team.. wow! Link to Ghost Warrior

Correction on Viewing Microsoft Compiled Help Files on OS X (You don’t need X11)

Ted Leung was kind enough to point out to me on an earlier post I made on viewing CHM files on OS X. YOU DO NOT NEED X11 to view CHM files. xchm uses wxWindows as its backend which has a native OS X port. Definite bonus in my book! My Old incorrect post Ted’s […]

An Open Letter to Atari, “Hey stop being so overbearing with Copy Protection”

I found this Open Letter to Atari an interesting protest to copy protection going too far? Excerpt: I just downloaded the 1.61 patch to Neverwinter Nights: Hordes of the Underdark. When I attempted to play the game, I was met with an error having to do with CD Emulation software. It is true that I […]

Recreating the Disney Haunted Mansion

Someone recreates the Disney Haunted Mansion in their own home. THat’s very cool Link to Story I haven’t mentioned it but kudos to BoingBoing for the past couple of posts

CSS Fisheye

This is quite neat: CSS Fisheye Ink

ahahahahahahahaha only in California and on the Internet

Must…. stop….. laughing…. who am I kidding.. bwahahahahahahahahaha that’s so lame! Anyways Marey… you’re chance for being Governor “Has Been Terminated”

Sheesh… talk about picky kids

A friend forwarded me this link: All I can say is… grow up.

NYT on Digital Camera Holdouts

The New York Times has an article on digital holdouts to the digital camera ‘revolution’ Personally, I have no qualms with people not wanting to go digital for their photos. It’s merely a matter of perspective in the set of systems you use for taking photos. I use my computer a lot. A digital camera […]

Viewing Microsoft Compiled HTML Files (CHM) in OS X

Ted Leung describes how he built xchm which is a X11 app that lets you view Microsoft Compiled Help Files (CHM). THis is really handy although needing X11 is a semi bummer but a liveable one Obligatory Excerpt: I got xchm to build on Mac OS X. This is an open source view for compiled […]

The Irony behind Decent Blogging Tools

So far from what I’ve seen most of the free blogging tools are pretty weak. Most of them are built and designed to be exploited by the creator only. The creator then decided to make it free software since the thought is ‘hey it works for me, it might work for lots of other people’. […]

Rhino JavaScripting on OS X

From Ranchero’s Weblog I saw this Weblog Entry on getting the Rhino JavaScript engine setup in OS X. This is pretty neat especially for people who are heavy into ECMA/JavaScript hacking as it allows them to leverage all of their sensibilities of JavaScript for doing scripting tasks. The breakdown of tasks you need to do […]