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{ Daily Archives } Tuesday, December 2003

Excceelleent – KDE/Mac makes more progress

Tales of the Racoon Fink is a very cool site if you’re interested in fink development and KDE porting to OS X. Personally, I’m psyched over KDE compatibility coming to OS X. That means piles and piles of applications that I’ve liked under Linux/BSD/UNIX will run natively in OS X. But it’s still making progress […]

Evil CEOs

Check out this Dilbert entry if you want to see an evil CEO. Sorry I can’t just link to the strip itself. That would constitute …. copyright infringement… fooey. But I’m sure you can click the link if you really want to see it.

Cyber Blackmail over email?

Wonderful, now the black hats are just sending emails off to people and threatening to delete files thruogh a security vulnerability unless the individual pays $20. And scarily it seems this tactic is working rather well. What sucks is that it’s such a small sum that it costs more to track down this problem for […]