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{ Monthly Archives } February 2004

8-bit Era Flash Movie Amusements

These are hilarious! Flash Movies with elements from the 8-bit game era and others. Here are some I found neat. Madness Combat What is the Stick Matrix? 8 Bit D&D Mario & A Thousand Bullets (Make sure to check the Alternate Ending) Paper Wars Return of Ganondorf Madness Combat 2 Madness Combat 3

Geospatial data isn’t as free as you’d hope

Was looking at The GNUStep Live CD distro a friend forwarded to me. Then noticed the following notice: There is a big problem with Position that I can’t fix. It was some mount= hs since I’ve worked at it and, when I’ve lauched it to test some change= s I’ve done in the last days, […]

Typo3, gee yet another damn OSS PHP CMS

Oh wow, I managed to cram 3 acronyms in my title. That’s sick. Anyways I was glancing at Yet-Another-CMS-Written-in-PHP. The website is very glossy and slick. Going on for pages and pages. However, here’s one thing about Open Source stuff. I spend a good chunk of time looking at OSS (and sometimes commercial) solutions. The […]

Wired interviews Viet Dinh (He helped draft the Patriot Act)

Wired interviews Viet Dinh who helped draft the Patriot Act. I found the interview a major waste of words since it’s very obvious that the interviewer herself is strongly in the liberal camp as the way she asks questions it’s basically an accusation of the Patriot Act. These sharp questions bring on a rather gruff […]

On my current online reading list

Right now looking over Version Control with Subversion. I’ve started using CVS for some of my file management lately however I’ve found it’s not always what I want. The main issue for me is versioning of directories. I find it annoying to have to issue 4-5 commands in CVS to tell it the directory has […]

Freedom to Tinker asks what are Great Books in Technology?

Professor Felton describes a survey of university presidents of the top 10 books that they would make students read. Interesting set of titles however then Dr. Felton asks his fellow readers: Readers: tell me in the comments which five science and technology books you would have every student read. I’ll summarize and give my own […]

Hey Bloggers, get a grip

Oh man this is the funniest post I’ve seen in awhile. It’s a commentary on the blogosphere. So consider this my wake-up call or slap in the face to all you bloggers out there. Blogs are not going to´┐Żachieve world peace Then the author goes on to complain about ‘settle’on a syndication format already: … […]

Diablo 2, the JavaScript Version!

From the d2jsp Website: d2jsp is an embedded implementation of a JavaScript engine for executing user program code (scripts) inside Diablo II. d2jsp can be used to make Diablo II do almost anything that can be done in the game by a human player All I can say is… wow. That’s goofy. Too bad I […]

More web amusements

Decided to check through all of /usr/bin/girl since I was last there. Wow, it’s amazing how many links to amusing things this girl can dig up. Well here’s a collection of ones I found amusing. Historic Tale Construction Kit The Urban Dictionary Adventure the game as a Java Applet (Yes THAT old Adventure game) Battle […]

Amusing Flash from an Art Student’s homework

/usr/bin/girl pointed me to this link. Very amusing. Check it out for yourself! Link to Flash Anim

Computer Internationalization Overview

Debian has a wonderful Overview on Internationalization. You can buy many books however if you’re poor and are looking for decent technical manuals on different subjects the Debian project and FreeBSD project tend to have some pretty good material on more aspects than just the Operating System. Of course it might require some sniffing around […]

Computer schools in U.S. starting to crack?

Seems Slashdot linked to a story about Computer Schools going out of business. It seems focused on most of the unlicensed schools. I feel bad for the students who went there but there is a reason to go to an accredited school over a non credited school. Of course the most important aspect to a […]

Steve Perlstein on Offshoring

Steve Perlstein of the Washington Post throws in his 2 cents on the offshoring fun. The last paragraph is an excellent passage in my own opinion and points to a very valid point from the proponents of offshoring. All of the pro-folk found the benefits of offshoring on a sort of faith. I don’t know […]

Reading RFCs for fun (where the hell is my profit?)

Went through a couple of RFCs lately. (One of them again to review anything I might have missed). RFC 2516 PPP over Ethernet RFC 2279 UTF-8, a transformation format of ISO 10646 The PPPoE one was just to make sure I am understanding PPPoE. TOo bad the protocol gives only the hint that you need […]

Ken dumped by Barbie?

Okay, that’s just lame. Ken dumped by Barbie.