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Hey Bloggers, get a grip

Oh man this is the funniest post I’ve seen in awhile. It’s a commentary on the blogosphere.

So consider this my wake-up call or slap in the face to all you bloggers out there.

Blogs are not going to´┐Żachieve world peace

Then the author goes on to complain about ‘settle’on a syndication format already:

… bickering away on a syndication format? Now, have any of you tried explaining to your parents what the difference between RSS 2.0/1.0/Atom are? I suggest you try it. As far as syndication format goes, let me tell you what I feel. I DONT CARE. As far as I know, I hit ‘Subscribe’ in my aggregator..and I see a bunch of posts on the left pane and a bunch of text on the right pane.

Amen to that. When it comes to blogs I find it more enjoyable to be:

  • Reading them
  • Finding new ones to subscribe to

However, when it comes to the techie wankery of HOW the blogs work. I want to know as little of it as possible. I don’t need a metric ton of philosophy about the format and ontologies and whatever fancy terms you can dream up. What I’d really like to know that there’s some de facto subscription system that I can use and not have to worry about matching acronyms.

Thanks to Smalltalk with Rants for the link.

Link to Commentary

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