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{ Monthly Archives } January 2005

Is it all about the gals?

I found this new sight called Tieng Magazine while trying to find sites on Vietnamese culture in English. I then stumbled across this article: As I was doing research online for Vietnamese search terms on Overture, I noticed that the fourth most searched term when I entered in “Vietnamese” is “Vietnamese girl”. Glad to know […]

Dog Therapy

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Your computer thinks you’re an Idiot

Read on for more info

Whoah that’s a mosaic

Psychedelic is all I can say. Take me there

Less-known facts about emacs

Make no mistake about it: the primary goal of FSF is software freedom. Producing ‘good software’ is secondary. Read it yourself

So much for PS2 Linux

I’ve always been interested in Linux for the PS2, especially since some of the hardware on the PS2 had some interesting features from a graphics standpoint. However, I just checked the Playstation 2 Linux Website and found this disappointing news. US & Canada: The North American territory is now sold out of Linux for PlayStation […]

Vietnam through a Vietnamese-American eyes

I always find it interesting to hear the myriad of voices of the slice of Asian-Americans that are known as Vietnamese-Americans. I have many mixed thoughts on this. I think it would be beneficial to me to sit down and try to verbalize these many thoughts in a coherent fashion. However, someone else has done […]

A most excellent presentation on projections

Happy New Year’s and all that. To kick off the New Year’s I give you a link from Remote Sensing about map projections. This is a very nice overview of map projections with excellent pictures to illustrate many of the jargon terms that people in the GIS and geopgraphy field toss around. I can finally […]