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{ Monthly Archives } November 2006

Making Rake create a gem as the default task Rufus

Yet another reason to like Open Source One thing I can say that I really enjoy about working with an Open Source project rather than commercial software is I can feel free to blog as many details as I want about getting something done in the hopes it helps me remember what I’ve done and […]

The need for an OSS Second Life?

There’s a Linux Journal (LJ) blog post on the need for an Open Source Second Life implementation. Their main reasons are: Enough of a user base now that open sourcing the client’s won’t mean much Their revenue stream derives from buying virtual property in the Second Life metaverse While they are valid points, the main […]

A far too brief history on Workflow engines

John posted some of his thoughts on an article titled A brief history of workflow. John Writes: Maybe workflow history lies more into the “here is my recipe to sharpen sticks” or “here is my recipe to start a fire” (process/activity) and “hey, you, why don’t you sharpen sticks while we hunt, so that it’ll […]

Getting burnt by publish-without-saving in WordPress

I apologize to anyone that read my last post and found it abruptly ending. I just got burnt trying to write some long additions to my last blog post then promptly hit publish assuming I was done. What I did NOT realize, is that Publish in WordPress does NOT mean: Save current contents in the […]

Helping openwferu follow the Ruby way

Hello (openwfe) World John Mettraux who is the project lead for OpenWFE has given me commit rights to his Ruby port of OpenWFE. I have to say I’m flattered by the trust in receiving commit rights considering: I have no experience with workflow systems I’m not exactly a Ruby expert First thing I did was […]

A nice brief summary on what Open Sourcing Java means

I found this blog post from Stephen O’ Grady an excellent summary on the latest news surrounding Sun open sourcing Java. It certainly saved a lot of time wading through Java Jargon just to find some real news.


Avi Bryant blogged about his first concrete steps towards getting Ruby running on top of a Smalltalk VM. He calls it Smalltalk.rb I’m pretty sure this is the lightestweight bootstrap there can be towards the goal of eventually getting Ruby running on a Smalltalk VM. No new parser needed: we use JRuby’s. No new compiler […]

Linux powered Mp3 player

About time… Got to wait until Feb 2007 to get your hands on one though. Hope it doesn’t cost too much

Hello WordPress world!

I’ve migrated to the WordPress setup here.   The manila instance that was running was getting old and decrepit. Let’s see how this goes

Why compatibility is important for large corps

Their operations division is responsible for 9,000 different install scripts for their employees around the world. That’s INSTALL scripts for programs. Not the programs themselves. I think you can do the math from there. Read it yourself

The first international workshop on Plan 9

If you are in Madrid, Spain during the Dec 4-5th timeframe of 2006 it looks like you can jump in on the first Plan 9 international workshop. I’m still trying to get a machine that runs Plan 9 without much fuss to see how it is but I always find new information on Plan 9 […]

The story of one guy’s life

via James Duncan Davidson’s blog

Sony Walkman creator retires

And what does he have to say? (Well at least through the reporter filter) Kihara has written in his books that it still boiled his blood to think that consumers have been forced to use the “inferior” VHS over Sony’s Betamax. Sony has had a history of good engineering quality. However, lately they’ve gotten soft […]

Solar power getting cheaper?

Anything that means solar technology is getting cheaper is a good thing in my book although the link is to a Technology Review article. So far Technology Review keeps talking about great technologies that I rarely see in my daily existence. But they do make great press. But I can always be hopeful. The Technology […]

The OLPC has won an award already but no one is actually USING one

This really gets to me. The OLPC has won a Popular Science award yet it isn’t even out yet. I’m sorry ‘in manufacturing’ does NOT mean it’s in the hands of children who need it most. Until I see THAT I watch by the sidelines skeptical.