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{ Daily Archives } Wednesday, November 2006

A far too brief history on Workflow engines

John posted some of his thoughts on an article titled A brief history of workflow. John Writes: Maybe workflow history lies more into the “here is my recipe to sharpen sticks” or “here is my recipe to start a fire” (process/activity) and “hey, you, why don’t you sharpen sticks while we hunt, so that it’ll […]

Getting burnt by publish-without-saving in WordPress

I apologize to anyone that read my last post and found it abruptly ending. I just got burnt trying to write some long additions to my last blog post then promptly hit publish assuming I was done. What I did NOT realize, is that Publish in WordPress does NOT mean: Save current contents in the […]

Helping openwferu follow the Ruby way

Hello (openwfe) World John Mettraux who is the project lead for OpenWFE has given me commit rights to his Ruby port of OpenWFE. I have to say I’m flattered by the trust in receiving commit rights considering: I have no experience with workflow systems I’m not exactly a Ruby expert First thing I did was […]