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{ Monthly Archives } September 2008

Handling user reviews on a website

Scott Ru gives us some insights on the process Amazon uses to handle user reviews on their site. You start with some philosophical rules, and you try to make them stick. Providing guidelines is the only way to start. References Read more Scott Berkun’s Blog Post on User Reviews

When meets Stackoverflow

Via Kvardek-du through Planet Lisp

O’Reilly nudging Web 2.0ers to build something real

CNet reports that Tim O’Reilly keynoted a message to the Web 2.0 community that they should stop building SuperPoke and try to challenge more real problems. The CNet article jabs at O’Reilly Media itself helped to spawn some of these SuperPoke applications with all of these tech conferences that they have held but overall O’Reilly’s […]

Fixing that svn: Unrecognized format for the relative external URL

So recently I saw this when doing a svn checkout of a project and ran into the following: $ svn co svn: Unrecognized format for the relative external URL ”. Wonderful. This indicated to me there was a problem with the svn externals somewhere. After noodling a little I decided to Google around and […]

Losing data in the clouds

Seems that some cloud vendors (sheesh I really only knew about Google Ape… err App Engine, Amazon’s EC2 service, and GoGrid) have been having some issues watching customer data go up in a poof. oops. Datacenter Knowledge mentions Flexiscale having issues The problems for FlexiScale began when one of the main storage volumes was accidentally […]