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Losing data in the clouds

Seems that some cloud vendors (sheesh I really only knew about Google Ape… err App Engine, Amazon’s EC2 service, and GoGrid) have been having some issues watching customer data go up in a poof. oops.

Datacenter Knowledge mentions Flexiscale having issues

The problems for FlexiScale began when one of the main storage volumes was accidentally deleted by an employee during a system upgrade earlier this week.

as well as another company called LinkUp (although I guess it’s down now) having issues too:

a cloud storage previously known as Media Max, which shut down Aug. 8 after losing “an unspecified amount of customer data

Ouch. As the industry fashionistas and the hordes of zombies (and I guess everyone else pulled in from the vortex created) moves towards trying to fulfill what Nicholas Carr dubs the Big Switch I can only surmise that more cases of cloud computing companies will continue to go belly up due to dumb mistakes, poor execution, etc, name your classic dumb mistake here. This will leave behind the vendors who have spent time at multiple levels (besides just technology) to ensure that many of the typical mistakes that will hit any IT business can be recovered from instead of being the critical wound that kils.

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