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{ Monthly Archives } February 2005

One too many boring lectures

While not paying attention in a class that was not as interesting as I thought it would be, I drew some violent images that related to one another and told a story of violence and redemption. Well, perhaps not redemption. Take me there

How to get a date on the Internet

This was just too funny. Thanks wooj, you made my evening. No, I don’t have a girlfriend, so if you’re interested, please send me the following items for my review of your candidacy: Four photographs — two facial close-ups and two full-body shots, preferably dressed in a swimsuit (or even better, nothing at all). Official […]

Crouching Flamefest, Hidden Meaning

Hanzi Smatter takes a look at a tattoo that comes off meaning Fruit Information Person (果報者) in Chinese it seems. However, in Japanese the meaning is ‘lucky fellow’. The ensuing discussion erupts into how the Chinese are monopolizing their usage of 漢字. However, some very useful information on the evolution of the meaning of 果報 […]

Vietnam learns about stress

Vietnam’s economy is supposedly going through a high growth phase right now. With growth in the economy, comes a more privileged lifestye for those who want to reach out for it. It also seems that the concept of stress also comes along witht he package. Stress is the latest trend to hit Việt Nam from […]

SSL isn’t just about encryption, but who you know…

SSL-enabling your website brings up issues of actually getting a SSL certificate from a well known provider or else you get a pop-up window which only paranoid people bother reading through the whole certificate to verify it came from where it came from. The problem is how do you choose? This site gives a good […]


Or… computers are finally fast enough to run Quake 1 in Java Read more

It’s Tetris Jim, but not as we know it

Oh man, someone implemented a basic Tetris using SVG. Too bad SVG support is still non-existent with the browsers I use daily. Lemme try!

What people will pay for

This is the most insightful thing I’ve seen in awhile: Then I remembered a New York Times piece I read several years ago. The basic message was simple: Americans will not pay for information or education but they will seriously overpay for convenience. How else explain bottled water, bottled tea, individually wrapped portions of peanut […]

TeraTerm Pro does have SSHv2 support

I like using TeraTerm Pro quite a bit on Windows. However, one thing that has always bugged me about TeraTerm was the lack of SSH version 2 support. However, it seems if you are willing to look beyond the English only site for ttssh, there is a sourceforge project with a TTSSH extension that supports […]

What is Foodex Japan?

Thanks to Tony I learned about this expo called Foodex Japan. What is it you might ask? Here’s a description from their website: Asia Pacific’s defining food and beverage exhibition Welcoming over 2,500 exhibiting companies and 90,000 food industry visitors annually, FOODEX JAPAN enjoys the unique status as Asia’s No. 1 food and beverage exhibition, […]

Starbucks will begin spiking their coffee

Read more here

Finding a better Vietnamese Input Method Editor (IME) in OS X

I’ve been a Mac user for awhile now. However, one thing I’ve not really spent much time with is playing with other Input Method Editors (IME) besides Japanese. I’ve recently expanded my focus to include Vietnamese. One of the difficult things in inputting Vietnamese is adding the diacritic marks which represent the tones in Vietnamese. […]


Okay, time for a silly acronym. Stupidity Plus Inability = Termination aka SPIT

Simple English Wikipedia

Here at this place, we only use very simple English words and simple writing structures. Uh… there’s a need for this? I wouldn’t think so. That’s just too bad it doesn’t have an explanation for complexity theory in it yet. Perhaps we’ll eventually get too. It’s really there, isn’t it?

A Breakdown on

This is an excellent review of how does its magic. I’ve always been skeptical of Javascript but seeing how Google has been using it has made me reconsider its utility in the overall websphere. Read it yourself