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{ Monthly Archives } April 2005

Your local public Hotspot could become a warzone

Seems that public hotspots are becoming a good place for those not so nice in the IT world to unleash viruses, sniff sensitive information out of the ether, etc etc. This article mentions some of things that are happening as well as some methods to combatting attacks. In general: Have a firewall on your own […]

The Chinese Culture Test

The things you expect to bargain for are houses, cars, consumer electronics, clothing, food… If possible, you will haggle for just about anything. Haggling is to prevent you from being cheated or ripped off. Check how Chinese you are

Can Guy Steele make a programming language suitable for math?

It seems Guy Steele’s latest effort is on a programming language called Fortress: Fortress focuses on the needs of programmers who work in mathematical disciplines and disciplines such as physics and chemistry that rely extensively on mathematics. If the language works out that would be great. While C is a great tool for programming efficient […]

Another Open Source SSH/Terminal Emulator for Windoze

Haven’t tried it out myself, however having some variety besides cygwin SSH, Putty and TeraTerm Pro isn’t a bad thing. Amusing that most of the nice SSH clients are written by Japanese. Link to Poderosa

Google Gmail finally gets on the Japanese support ball

Google’s Gmail system is quite handy however one major flaw if your native language is Japanese is that the Japanese support was pretty barren (aka none outside of reading). Seems Google has quietly fixed that. Here is the article (Note article is in Japanese). Another way to find out is just to check out the […]

Way too many games

Go look at it yourself

Rest in peace, unknown inventor of the MicroPC

L’année suivante le premier micro-ordinateur au monde voyait le jour: dès 1973, le Micral N fut construit en série autour du processeur Intel 8008 cadencé à 500 Khz (environ 50.000 instructions par secondes) avec une mémoire de 16 koctets du type MOS (metal oxyde semiconductor). For all of you who forgot your high school French, […]

MIT Media Lab’s $100 Laptop challenge

Seems that MIT is trying to make a Laptop for the poor for $100. More info here. Call me a skeptic however after reading news about the Simputer not winning the hearts (and more importantly the wallets) of India’s poorer population I’m not sure offering a bumped down machine will be a viable solution unless […]

Designed for Windows

Need I say more? Tell me more, tell me more

As if Solar needed another roadblock to success

Semiconductor manufacturers are able to outbid solar companies for the available silicon because the material makes up a much smaller portion of their production costs, Homan said. “We are getting into a pricing war” between industries, Homan said. “The solar industry has been living off the scraps of the computer industry. This is not a […]