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{ Monthly Archives } October 2006

If normal biff needs some more shinyness to it..

cdbiff execute `eject’ command to eject a CD-ROM tray when mail arrives.

Fixing ‘mkmf’ load error Ruby in Ubuntu

If you’re a Debian or Ubuntu user you’ll find that the Ruby standard distribution is split into lots of little packages so doing something like apt-get install ruby only gives you the ruby binary and a subset of the libraries for Ruby. You’ll need to add more packages if you want to utilize more of […]

The Pied Piper of Architects (aka be careful of the wrong brain drain)

Interesting article on trying to keep your technical architects around as they are the ones that have the scars from war stories and have built up experience on leading the project in the right direction But cynically speaking, what company is ever going to see the wisdom in that. Right? I mean keeping an old […]

David Pogue reviews the Sony Mylo

From the article… Sony may be the first company ever to depict throwing up as a way to sell electronics. Seems once again Sony missed the target market by a decent amount again. One of these days they’ll hit the right combination again. But it seems as usual, their engineers are a little out of […]

Getting cvsync running on cygwin

I’m trying to get cvsync running on cygwin and after looking at the homepage. There didn’t seem to be that many straightforward instructions nor is there a package in the default cygwin repository. Bummer. So I took a shot and tried downloading the tarball and compiling it. $ wget $ tar xvzf $ […]

Google Groups Beta doesn’t support page up/down or keyboard shortcuts?

I’ve been testing the new Google Groups Beta and design-wise it looks a little bit cleaner however one SERIOUS flaw is that I can’t seem to get paging to work at all. Pressing Page Up or Page Down results in no response. Okay, rtfm… Piles and piles of pages of useless docs on how to […]

A social psychology model answer to why people won’t switch OSes

OSNews has an interesting article detailing why people won’t switch OSes even when there might be many technical advantages to. Definitely an interesting read. It frames the reasoning in something called the Elaboration Likelihood Model. I’ve not heard of it but then again I’m no psychologist researcher either so I guess that’s not surprising. Read […]

Fixing SVK ‘Oh no, no more exceptions! add_directory() failed’

The Problem $ svk mirror //mirror/project Committed revision 1. $ svk sync //mirror/project Syncing Retrieving log information from 1 to 34 Oh no, no more exceptions! add_directory() failed. at /usr/local/share/perl5/SVN/Mirror/ line 1044. If you’re getting the above problem happening when trying to run SVK to mirror a repository. Congratulations! You hit a bug. […]

Clinton ‘endorses’ Ubuntu

Well perhaps not the Ubuntu I associate with but close enough…