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{ Monthly Archives } November 2005

Mac Mini?

If you guessed Apple’s Mac Mini. I’m afraid you’re wrong. It’s not a Mac Mini

Cramming a Mac Mini into a Mac SE30

Should have known it. Someone already stuck a Mac Mini into an older generation Mac. One thing the author of the page warns is that the CRT is a high voltage device! Make sure you don’t electrocute yourself if you attempt this hack at home. Check it out yourself

World’s First Solar-Powered Internet Rickshaw?

Three letters… WTF Check it out yourself

iPod now runs Doom

Total. Loss. Of. Words. Check it out

Why Linux doesn’t have a stable Kernel API

A binary driver is sufficient if you want to provide a module for a specific release version of a specific Linux distribution. But multiply that single build by the number of different Linux distributions and the number of different supported releases of the Linux distribution and you quickly have a nightmare of different build options […]

AMD vs Intel DualCore Shootout at ZDNet

ZDNet reviewed the new Dual Core CPUs from AMD and Intel. How did they fare? AMD beat out Intel in: Performance (except in 1 part of a benchmark test) Power Dissipation Ouch. The only thing that AMD loses out to Intel in is in price! Which is a reversal from what I normally consider for […]