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{ Monthly Archives } January 2007

A quick review on routers for an ISP

OpenBSD gets high remarks even though their OpenBGPD offering is rather new. Read it yourself

Public Key Infrastracture gone wrong (or why you MUST have Windows to function in S. Korea)

Gen Kanai writes about S. Korea’s dependence on Internet Exploder due to misplanning a Public Key Infrastructure South Korean legislation did not allow 40 bit encryption for online transactions (and Bill Clinton did not allow for the export of 128 bit encryption until December 1999) and the demand for 128 bit encryption was so great […]

Reviews on the Nokia N800

Eugenia of OSNews writes a nice lengthy review on the Nokia N800. It has many improvements compared to its predecessor. Some things they got right: Good Battery life (10-15 hrs standby, 3-5 hours in actual usage) Faster processor Great Wi-Fi reception Some support for VoIP (GoogleTalk, Gizmo?) Future Skype Support Opera Web Browser version handles […]

Linux and the MSI-7265 Motherboard

In an earlier post I wrote about the pains of Core 2 Duo motherboards and Linux support. Since September, there has been quite a bit of progress in the Linux community to support the JMicron SATA/PATA controller that is on the Intel P965 based motherboards. However, I’ve found that things are STILL not all rosy […]

Rubygems gotcha. Dependencies won’t work if you install with a local gemfile

The Problem Dependencies won’t install when I try to install from a local gem. For example if you have a my-cool-project which needs your-awesome-lib (available via Gems) using a command like: gem install pkg/mycoolproject-1.0.gem It WON’T pull in your-awesome-lib. This is documented in this email post on the Ruby Talk ML Workarounds At present the […]

A discussion on Mercurial’s repository format (Good or Bad?)

Keith Packard of X11 fame wrote a blog post on revision control repository formats. In it he describes why he chose git as the new system that will manage the source code for Xorg and he had some choice comments on Mercurial repository format Mercurial uses a truncated forward delta scheme where file revisions are […]