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{ Monthly Archives } August 2003

Telemarketers Rant

Telemarketers definitely annoy me. However, the one thing I find really annoying is when organizations that call looking for donations from people phrase their opening in such a way that they already assume you are going to donate for their cause. Huh? First off, I don’t even know what you’re pitching let alone WHY I […]

An account of 2D animation’s death at Disney

Kudos to BoingBoing for this link. It’s an account of the last days of the 2d animation department at Disney. In many many respects this is a sad thing to hear. I grew up watching cartoons way before 3d was popular. I like 3d animation but to me it’s just another medium for animation artists […]

Mac and Linux eek their way into Federal OMB plans

Got this link via email. Seems the Office of Management and Budget deem Apple and Linux fit enough to add them into the reference models that the OMB uses. This could be a good thing for Apple and Linux.

Giving up on IT already? Say it ain’t so

The Cincom Smalltalk Blog by James Robertson points to rants by Tim Bray and Robert Scoble about how they don’t see a future working in IT and feel they might want to push their children to do something else like study Chinese (I think a better reason to encourage your children to study Chinese is […]

Actual People using MIT Open Courseware

“Wired” is running an article on people using MIT’s Open Courseware which they opened up in 2001. The gist of the idea is that MIT is making the content of their courses available but not awarding any degrees. To all those knowledge seekers this is really great. If I had more time I’d spend more […]

Wow yet another learning disorder

The New York Times has an article on a disorder that seems tied with a subset of underachievers: “You can be truly smart and still struggle in life if you lack theability to plan, organize time and space, initiate projects and seethem through to completion, and you cannot resist immediate temptationsin favor of later better […]

Giving NetNewsWire a whirl

I’ve been using NetNewsWire Lite for many many months now. After finally starting up this weblog I decided to give the full version of NetNewsWire a spin and see if it’s everything that everyone else is raving about. So far I like it! Being able to create posts through the GUI seems quite nice. If […]

OS X’s version of ldd

I’m used to using ldd to help list shared libraries for programs in UNIX-land. If you’re a UNIX Admin type person or a UNIX developer ldd is really valuable for trying to figure out what an executable file needs to run.Naturally I tried to use ldd on OS X and noticed this: (555) lddbash: ldd: […]

DHTML Lemmings

Found a link to DHTML version of the classic game Lemmings. This is really neat. And even cooler is that the code is under the GPL (I think) From Cheah Chu Yeow’s Weblog

Real Life the Game Review

Gamespot reviews Real Life as a Game.

Amusing Links for Today

There are some really amusing links at /usr/bin/girl today. Glossary of Military Hand Signals Bad Kanji The military hand signals is amusing. The second link is hilarious. For years I think ENglish speakers have made a point of pointing out really bad uses of English by Japanese. If you look at some of the Chinese […]

Debian Linux users are quite spread out

Found this pie chart at NetCraft: It was really educational for me to see the distribution of known sites running Debian Linux. In the U.S. it’s really tiny compared to everywhere else. I can only attribute that to RedHat and it’s strong ties with the commercial sector. While Redhat isn’t that bad I prefer Debian […]

Nature makes better Fiber

Yet another story where nature proves is more creative than man in coming up with innovative solutions to life’s problems. This one has some really interesting implications for the Fiber Optics industry. Courtesy of “Slashdot”

OS X Tech Trivia

Okay, I’m really lost. I’m noticing on an iMac that after awhile it gets DOG slow. As in waiting tens of seconds for any response from the GUI after awhile. I’m completely baffled to why this happens. The Console Log tool shows nothing. When I ssh into the machine (lucky when that even works) and […]

The meta poker game

Got this link from the Cincom Blog on new technology to help find card counters. Seems the cat and mouse game between the smarter gambler and the craftier house continue on. The MindPlay technology uses some really hefty image recognition algorithms to pull in image information so it can keep track of the cards and […]