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{ Daily Archives } Wednesday, August 2003

An account of 2D animation’s death at Disney

Kudos to BoingBoing for this link. It’s an account of the last days of the 2d animation department at Disney. In many many respects this is a sad thing to hear. I grew up watching cartoons way before 3d was popular. I like 3d animation but to me it’s just another medium for animation artists […]

Mac and Linux eek their way into Federal OMB plans

Got this link via email. Seems the Office of Management and Budget deem Apple and Linux fit enough to add them into the reference models that the OMB uses. This could be a good thing for Apple and Linux.

Giving up on IT already? Say it ain’t so

The Cincom Smalltalk Blog by James Robertson points to rants by Tim Bray and Robert Scoble about how they don’t see a future working in IT and feel they might want to push their children to do something else like study Chinese (I think a better reason to encourage your children to study Chinese is […]