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Getting Ruby 1.9.1p243 to work on OS X 10.5.8 with Japanese input support on irb

Awhile back I installed Ruby 1.9.1 in such a way as to co-exist with my current Ruby installation [1], [2] (I should use rvm [3] these days…) However, one issue that cropped up during an IRB session was I could not copy and paste Japanese characters into the IRB repl. This is very very painful […]

OpenMac, yes, me wants one

From their website OpenMac: The Smart Alternative to an Apple The Psystar OpenMac works just like an Apple Macintosh Yes, very desirable. However, we’ll see if Apple lets them continue with it… Hope they don’t get sued out of existence

OS X 10.4.11 update, you suck

After a long time of not updating my trusty old iLamp iMac, I finally updated it to 10.4.11 over the weekend and let it lie. Later on I hear a report that Safari won’t start up. That’s odd, I’ve never heard of Safari having launch problems before. I check the log and I see something […]

Fixing that really irritating perl: warning: Setting locale failed. on OS X leopard

Anytime I’ve been running a perl based script on my leopard box I got this really irritating output with whatever else I was expecting: perl: warning: Setting locale failed. perl: warning: Please check that your locale settings: LC_ALL = “En_US”, LANG = (unset) are supported and installed on your system. perl: warning: Falling back to […]

Getting erlang to build on MacPorts with an installed iPhone Open SDK

I had some serious unexpected fun trying to install erlang on my OS X box using MacPorts. In general it’s usually a no brainer you usually type sudo port install <foo> and you have a new package installed without that much fuss. However here is the partial log of trying to install erlang and it […]

Latest rev of Macbooks and keyboard conking out after sleep

So I’ve been slowly re-initiating myself into the Church of Mac with a new Macbook however not all is well in Mac-land… It seems the Macbook can have an unresponsive keyboard if you sleep it and wake it up (Also here). Needless to say I find this bug extremely irritating and it really hurts the […]

Finally a gem release of ruby-opengl

Just wanted to let folks know that I’ve finally figured out how to get the build system in place for ruby-opengl to: Gemify itself Build native extensions during Gem installation using mkrf Which means (I hope) that there should be an easier way to get OpenGL working with Ruby. Currently it should support installing in […]

Earth to Apple, the mini iPod price sucks

I saw th eMacworld 2004 Keynote and it wasn’t that bad. Some nice improvements to iLife but the most disappointing thing is the iPod. JonBert sums it up quite nicely for me: The iPod mini is more of a question-mark. $249 for 4GB? Sure it’s smaller, and comes in different colors, but as it is […]

Excceelleent – KDE/Mac makes more progress

Tales of the Racoon Fink is a very cool site if you’re interested in fink development and KDE porting to OS X. Personally, I’m psyched over KDE compatibility coming to OS X. That means piles and piles of applications that I’ve liked under Linux/BSD/UNIX will run natively in OS X. But it’s still making progress […]

Correction on Viewing Microsoft Compiled Help Files on OS X (You don’t need X11)

Ted Leung was kind enough to point out to me on an earlier post I made on viewing CHM files on OS X. YOU DO NOT NEED X11 to view CHM files. xchm uses wxWindows as its backend which has a native OS X port. Definite bonus in my book! My Old incorrect post Ted’s […]

Viewing Microsoft Compiled HTML Files (CHM) in OS X

Ted Leung describes how he built xchm which is a X11 app that lets you view Microsoft Compiled Help Files (CHM). THis is really handy although needing X11 is a semi bummer but a liveable one Obligatory Excerpt: I got xchm to build on Mac OS X. This is an open source view for compiled […]

Rhino JavaScripting on OS X

From Ranchero’s Weblog I saw this Weblog Entry on getting the Rhino JavaScript engine setup in OS X. This is pretty neat especially for people who are heavy into ECMA/JavaScript hacking as it allows them to leverage all of their sensibilities of JavaScript for doing scripting tasks. The breakdown of tasks you need to do […]

Getting 802.11g working on older PowerBooks preview

I got 802.11g working on an older PowerBook (NOT with an Airport Extreme card but a normal CardBus one). I’ll document more of my the experiences I had with going with what I thought ‘would just work’ in a later blog.

Some OS X Panther CLI Goodies

Seems Panther keeps surprising me (or I just don’t check the CLI commands enough) but it seems that the Net SNMP Libraries are included with Panther along with Netcat. These are powerful network utilities I use a lot in UNIX land. I’m glad they’ve been included in Panther (perhaps earlier? Anyone know?). As with all […]

Notes from a Mac in Windoze land

The Harvard Business School requires that its students use an IBM ThinkPad if they wish to be enrolled at the business school. That’s REQUIREMENT not RECOMMENDATION. Seems one of the business school students decided a little differently and setup a weblog documenting his experiences walking in a Windoze universe with a Mac. So far it […]