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Parenting the mark of a civilized society?

I have been following Twitter a bit too much lately that my blog has been ignored a little bit. Then again it doesn’t take that much effort for me to ignore my blog on ‘other reasons’. Speaking of Twitter stuff… I found an interesting ‘conversation’ [1] between Tim OReilly and Mark Littlewood on a BBC […]

O’Reilly nudging Web 2.0ers to build something real

CNet reports that Tim O’Reilly keynoted a message to the Web 2.0 community that they should stop building SuperPoke and try to challenge more real problems. The CNet article jabs at O’Reilly Media itself helped to spawn some of these SuperPoke applications with all of these tech conferences that they have held but overall O’Reilly’s […]

The Alma Mater in the news… again

This time the news isn’t good press: The death of a man found Thursday in a stairwell in a Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute building has been ruled a suicide. Read it yourself

Freedom to Tinker asks what are Great Books in Technology?

Professor Felton describes a survey of university presidents of the top 10 books that they would make students read. Interesting set of titles however then Dr. Felton asks his fellow readers: Readers: tell me in the comments which five science and technology books you would have every student read. I’ll summarize and give my own […]

Computer schools in U.S. starting to crack?

Seems Slashdot linked to a story about Computer Schools going out of business. It seems focused on most of the unlicensed schools. I feel bad for the students who went there but there is a reason to go to an accredited school over a non credited school. Of course the most important aspect to a […]

“Now I am the Master…..” (Students teaching faculty computing?)

Gee, that’s a way to put yourself through college. Teach the computer NON-savvy Professors how to use a computer. Except for one thing… does this cause strife when the student gets graded by that teacher later on? Paul Dame possessed the knowledge and Willard Morgan the willingness to learn it. It was a classic teacher-student […]

CSI more popular in High Schools?

Hmm that’s interesting. Forensic Science in High Schools. Definitely interesting. One thing to note even thought it is getting more popular it seems that the field itself is not a growth field so people aren’t just going to get in because lots of more applicants are availalbe. It will just magnify the competition for the […]

The Alma mater in the press (Postdocs getting the tute screw)

Looks like my Alma Mater ended up in the press again (the bad side). This link was forwarded to me by a friend of mine. Obligatory Excerpt: Postdocs are neither students nor faculty, so their roles, rights and responsibilities in a university are often undefined, governed more by convention than policy. This often leaves postdocs […]

What are you learning now?

I saw a thread on ArsTechnica‘s bulletin board about What are You Learning Now.  I thought it was a neat thread and a nice break from all of the language wars, how do I…, choose a devel.  environment for me, etc threads that show up on their Programmer Section. Here’s the link:

Being Rich and how you show it

The New York Times has a story about the interesting paradoxes of the wealthy and how they try to show their public figure to people. It brings up some interesting topics such as: If you’re rich and everyone pretty much knows you’re rich. Why keep going about trying to show you grew up poor to […]

New Motorola Chairman is an RPI Grad

Continuing my random observations of RPI grads doing other things after graduation. The new CEO (Edward Zander) of Motorola graduated from RPI. I’m not sure of the state of Motorola but they’ve not been doing well. So Mr Zander comes into an organization needing lots of reworking. All I can say is… If you mess […]

Giving Free Software CDs to Libraries

Now this is a really good idea. How about giving libraries CDs full of free software for them to loan out? This article goes into more and also some of the difficulties involved. Obligatory excerpt: The first reaction from the open source community is usually “Great, I’ll burn a whole set of CDs and donate […]

So what are some Ivy League grads up to now?

I love how there is this impression that going to an Ivy League school is an automatic guarantee for getting a good job, good life, etc etc. While I won’t dump on that Ivy League schools tend to give an undergrad a very good education that’s not a free ticket to doing well. Now if […]

Notes from a Mac in Windoze land

The Harvard Business School requires that its students use an IBM ThinkPad if they wish to be enrolled at the business school. That’s REQUIREMENT not RECOMMENDATION. Seems one of the business school students decided a little differently and setup a weblog documenting his experiences walking in a Windoze universe with a Mac. So far it […]

Being there, still doing that