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Wiki-powered books

Now this idea is really cool. Books being developed Wiki Style. We’ll see how far this one goes. Another useful resource is WikiPedia which is an Open Content style effort to create an encyclopedia via a Wiki. Now that’s really sharing information.

Stop fiddling and get work done

The title is Do Yourself a Favor and Stop Learning but it rings true about a topic I’d like to relabel as ‘Learn the Right Things’. I still spend quite a bit of time learning ‘garbage knowledge’. I classify that as knowledge that won’t have a useful impact on my immediate career nor is it […]

Beginning of the school year

It’s the beginning of the school year again. I caught a pic in Harvard Yard of some students moving in and about to begin (or continue) their journey onwards towards higher education and finding their way in this world.

New Hampster following Maine’s Laptop Lead

The Press Herald has a story on New Hampshire following Maine’s lead on a laptop program for school. Interesting perhaps but also sad in some ways that they need to give away basically expensive toys to get students interested in education. I agree that the public school systems in the U.S. need work. Yes, I […]

Just because I have a piece of paper…

Here I am banging my head on trying to get my own piece of paper (not the one with the magic 3 letters though) and I come across something like this: Maybe I should just give up :-)… naaaa

Actual People using MIT Open Courseware

“Wired” is running an article on people using MIT’s Open Courseware which they opened up in 2001. The gist of the idea is that MIT is making the content of their courses available but not awarding any degrees. To all those knowledge seekers this is really great. If I had more time I’d spend more […]

Wow yet another learning disorder

The New York Times has an article on a disorder that seems tied with a subset of underachievers: “You can be truly smart and still struggle in life if you lack theability to plan, organize time and space, initiate projects and seethem through to completion, and you cannot resist immediate temptationsin favor of later better […]

Some resources to useful Jargon

There seems to always be things I don’t know. On a couple of random encounters I wanted to find some sources to mythological animals on the web. Another instance was where I needed to lookup some financial jargon which I never remember the full definitions too. Here’s some of those links in case you run […]

Former Sega Chairman invests heavily in technology education

Here’s an excerpt from the link: Aiming to transform the ways children live, learn, and play in the digital age, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) today announced the establishment of the Okawa Center for Future Children. �The new center is made possible through a $27 million donation from Isao Okawa, Chairman of CSK Corp. […]