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{ Monthly Archives } February 2008

‘Where everyone goes’ explains their outage

Software Maniacs has a great blog post explaining what went wrong with one of their Django deployments. In the end it wasn’t exactly Django but a mix of how a particular table for the backend database (MySQL) was being abused by the web application (the sessions table. Here’s a snippet: In general Django’s sessions are […] not happening. Not a good advertisement on high availability

So I decided to take a peak at the up and coming web framework for Haskell called HApps however the web site seems down. Normally, I wouldn’t care too much downtime however they have been down for OVER a day and a half from the time of this post. I find it hard to take […]


Your toilet has just subscribed to the digital life… Look at it here

Getting screwed by an upgrade (libtidy in Ubuntu 8.04 not ready for real work)

On my workstation at work I’ve been running Ubuntu 8.04 to test out something I’ll post on later. However, one thing that was driving me nuts was that tidy was blowing up with a very unhelpful message like so: /usr/lib/ruby/1.8/tidy/tidybuf.rb:39: [BUG] Segmentation fault At first I thought it was some incompatibility with the gem installed […]

Soltek Qbic EQ390 and SATA non-goodness. 3.0Gb/s incompatibility

One of the problems with DIY PC builder-types is the joy of finding out the pieces that you try to assemble together have incompatibilities with each other. Sometimes it affects you at the hardware level, the OS level, or the application level. Either way it’s always a time sink isolating the exact problem. One unpleasant […]

Flickr and adding database capacity

One of the Flickr engineers was nice enough to blog about their general process for adding capacity to their database backend. Seems the process went from a straight 20-hour table alter process to a more staggered but sleep fulfilling approach. The newer approach does seem to require having a certain set of extra capacity to […]

DistroWatch reviews the current state of OpenSolaris on the desktop

DistroWatch has a very good article summarizing the state of running OpenSolaris on the desktop at the moment. Personally, I’m interested in Solaris technology seeing more widespread usage although am not a gigantic follower at the moment. For me the most interesting part was their discussion on what is happening with Nexenta, a project to […]

How to mount FreeBSD partitions under Linux

The Gentoo Wiki to the rescue again. I’m sure you can find lots of other examples as well if you Google around.

How to play mplayer in the desktop fullscreen on Ubuntu

I was experimenting with trying to play videos in the desktop background so I can work on other things while passively watching videos that I really didn’t want to spend 100% of my concentration on. However when I tried to use mplayers -rootwin option under Ubuntu it did not show anything. After doing some Googling […]

Vmware server busting under Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron

One of the joys of living on the edge of Linux releases is the fun of dependency hell. At present, vmware server does not run on the latest released kernel 2.6.24. Which means if you NEED vmware server, you’re screwed. At least until the folks at vmware update vmware server to work with the latest […]

The Ruby Programming Language book out on Safari now

I just noticed that The Ruby Programming Language Book by David Flanagan is out on Safari now. This looks like an update to Ruby in a Nutshell which has been a rather disappointing title for me personally. After a glance through the contents of this updated edition it looks like this one could be a […]

git is the next UNIX

Avery Pennaru posted a blog entry on git is the next UNIX where he hypothesizes that: git is a totally new way to operate on data… Git was originally not a version control system; it was designed to be the infrastructure so that someone else could build one on top… Git is a platform… Much […]