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git is the next UNIX

Avery Pennaru posted a blog entry on git is the next UNIX where he hypothesizes that:

git is a totally new way to operate on data… Git was originally not a version control system; it was designed to be the infrastructure so that someone else could build one on top… Git is a platform… Much like Unix itself, git’s actual software doesn’t matter; it’s the file format, the concepts, that change everything.

So the underlying ideas are what makes git very powerful. Interesting thoughts. I’ve played around with using git but I still can’t see it past a version control system at the moment. A VCS that still has very weak Windows support which is a serious problem for getting a TEAM of people to actually use the system. But I see that Windows support slowly moves forward.

Anyways, I want to believe the hype in git but show me some real-world examples instead of pie in the sky thoughts, please?

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