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{ Monthly Archives } April 2004

Making sure published iCal Calendars have the correct TimeZone

I just spent a bit of time head scritching why the heck the calendar I created in iCal didn’t work correctly. After searching around I finally stumbled on the answer on Apple’s site. The problem centers around if you had your computer in another timezone and then moved to another timezone and created a calendar […]

Geek Girls and Geek Parties

Seems some girl geek tried going to a huge LAN party in Norway and managed to get nabbed by the T&A cam that some of the folk were panning around. od dam assvipes made a movie , of a closeup of all the girls here, a closeup of their tits and ass. not tjheir brains. […]

KFC Indonesia

Oh… my… KFC has a Indonesian website. The design is wacky and all in flash so you will have to visit it yourself if you want to see it. I don’t think words can describe my amazement that such a thing exists. Zeus the graphic designer for KFC Indonesia The OSNews article I started from […]

JWZ beats up Design Patterns

This is just hilarious: I just read Understanding Object Oriented Programming and it’s a hoot — Every if and every switch should be viewed as a lost opportunity for dynamic polymorphism. If you get the chance I suggest you read all the comments people made to JWZ on this topic. This comment is an absolute […]