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{ Monthly Archives } July 2004

On Great Hackers

I know a number of hacker-types in the blogosphere have already blogged on Paul Graham’s latest article ( here, here, here). As usual, Paul Graham writes really lucidly on the hacker culture and how to attract them to a business. One of the things I found interesting was how it is pretty close to impossible […]

Distorting facts about U.S. Trade

I just read this which purports to answer 10 truths on trade. While the statements have some kernel of truth (doesn’t everything these days?) it looks like such utter bunk. I can imagine some right-wing advocate writing this in trying to quell the ‘public’ regarding the ‘truth’ on offshoring, imports and jobs. Let me tell […]


Hahaha, in the tradition of Engrish (Poor Japanese attempts at using English) there’s also “Konglish” which is the Korean version of the same. I shouldn’t make fun of people’s aattempts to learn a foreign language but in some ways it is amusing. Perhaps I enjoy too much schadenfreude. Thanks dda!

Banned in Korea for being too sexy

Check it out yourself. (Requires Windows Media Player to play properly). Personally, I’ve seen worse on TV back in the U.S.

Wackiest Animated GIF I’ve seen yet

Check it out for yourself. I didn’t think anyone could make an animated gif that detailed. Guess I’m wrong. For extra kickers, here’s another link to some other flip book animations Once again thanks to Octopus Dropkick!. This guy’s site has a really wacky collection of stuff.

The Racial Slur Database

Whoah, well that’s a lot of slurs I’ve never heard of. But it might actually be an interesting resource for looking up some that next insult… I’ll have to say the website’s slogan is really funny “Make the world a better place” Don’t forget that to use the its proper acronym RSDB. Thanks again to […]

A different type of Godzilla game

I’m not sure words can describe my utter amazement at such a … off-the-beaten-path … game idea. Thanks to Octopus Dropkick! for digging up a really weird game.

Flexing your Chinese skills in China

I follow some English blogs of other people’s life in Asia. One of them is Brainysmurf who is an American teaching English in the U.S. Recently he posted on some of his thoughts about trying to find a job using Chinese skills in China. Needless to say, his thoughts were rather disappointing for the aspiring […]

Smart Systems not just smart people

I was reading this 2002 article (again) on The Talent Myth. In it, the author surmises that a smart system is more effective than smart people in a large system. I’m sure with the downfall of Enron there has been a backswing in Corporate Management to not just search for star talent. Searching for star […]

Tom Vu, ridiculous Infomercial maven

Found this from Language Log. Seems there was a Vietnamese awhile ago going by the name of Tom Vu who came up with a pyramid scheme and made a bit of money (then got into trouble with the authorities). All I can say is ugh. Not a good role model or representative of the Vietnamese […]

Full Screen VR Panoramas of DEC AltaVista Servers from 1996 (QTVR)

Very very cool. Reminds me of being in server rooms and data centers. Also a very neat treat for people who have never seen the inside of a server room like this. But this is what was at the heart of Alta Vista back when AltaVista was a big thing in search engines. Check it […]

Double mistaken identity?

I had a rather odd experience the other day while waiting at the train platform. I was standing behind two girls who I thought were your typical Japanese high school students. However, when I started overhearing the conversation I realized they were speaking English. Perfect English of the North American variety. I found this rather […]

It’s just polysemy folks

Language Log talks about how people mistake polysemy (multiple meanings of phrases or words depending on context) in languages that are not their own as a sort of deep philosophical message. “In the same way, what is mere polysemy in English is not a philosophy seminar in Mohawk. It’s just polysemy.” When I first started […]

Twilight Samurai gets an American tour

I saw this movie over a year ago on a flight to Japan. In general, I have trouble these days staying asleep on long flights so end up watching almost every single movie offered on the flight. This one is highly recommended! The main character which is depicted in the poster was the kick-butt Kendo […]

You CanSpeak Arabic: The FPS

MSNBC has an article about the US military working on a FPS game where you play someone on the armed forces side that needs to infiltrate and find information regarding something important. To do so, you are not armed with guns and a rocket launcher but instead you need to speak Arabic. Using some pretty […]