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Distorting facts about U.S. Trade

I just read this
which purports to answer 10 truths on trade. While the statements have
some kernel of truth (doesn’t everything these days?) it looks like
such utter bunk. I can imagine some right-wing advocate writing this
in trying to quell the ‘public’ regarding the ‘truth’ on offshoring, imports
and jobs.

Let me tell you this whole article, especially the bit on offshoring
and IT from this article smells like a pile of crap. I bet you if we
reversed the situation around and offshored any job that was CxO or
had the title Director in it this article would have a HUGELY different tone.
Perhaps, something like “Oh My Gawd! The Sky is Falling!” As long as we’re
at it how about outsource all journalist type jobs to 3rd world countries.
I bet you the hydra that is the modern press would be screaming out at the
top of their lungs for some sort of protectionist measures. Anyways,
I should stop venting. It’s not fixing the U.S. economy at all.

Read it yourself

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