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{ Monthly Archives } January 2004

The end of the Radio as we know it?

I love reading Freedom to Tinker. It covers lots of different high level happenings that could affect the large scale of one’s right to tinker with the stuff they own. This time Professor Felton covers radios. He gives a very niec sum up here: Smart radios are a sleeper technology. They’re being developed right now; […]

Earth to Apple, the mini iPod price sucks

I saw th eMacworld 2004 Keynote and it wasn’t that bad. Some nice improvements to iLife but the most disappointing thing is the iPod. JonBert sums it up quite nicely for me: The iPod mini is more of a question-mark. $249 for 4GB? Sure it’s smaller, and comes in different colors, but as it is […]

Gates pushing forward the PC & TV as one at CES

PCs integrating more with the TV? “You will be assimilated”, anyone? I’ve seen photos of Windows Media Center but never actually tried it. Is anyone actually using it? The ability to integrate with a remote control sounds quite useful. The ability to get all the viruses Windows does, doesn’t. The ability to use many of […]

“Now I am the Master…..” (Students teaching faculty computing?)

Gee, that’s a way to put yourself through college. Teach the computer NON-savvy Professors how to use a computer. Except for one thing… does this cause strife when the student gets graded by that teacher later on? Paul Dame possessed the knowledge and Willard Morgan the willingness to learn it. It was a classic teacher-student […]

Squeak Object Browser for your Web Browser

This is really cool. Only need a web browser.

CSI more popular in High Schools?

Hmm that’s interesting. Forensic Science in High Schools. Definitely interesting. One thing to note even thought it is getting more popular it seems that the field itself is not a growth field so people aren’t just going to get in because lots of more applicants are availalbe. It will just magnify the competition for the […]

GCC has got competition?

When it comes to Open Source development GCC is the king in the compiler area (unless you work with some other language…. and even then…). Awhile ago I found lcc however it’s license is restritive if you want to develop commercial software. This I think has prevented its wider adoption. However, once of the places […]

The Alma mater in the press (Postdocs getting the tute screw)

Looks like my Alma Mater ended up in the press again (the bad side). This link was forwarded to me by a friend of mine. Obligatory Excerpt: Postdocs are neither students nor faculty, so their roles, rights and responsibilities in a university are often undefined, governed more by convention than policy. This often leaves postdocs […]

True Porn Clerk Stories

Stumbled across this one. It’s all writings no pictures about one lady’s tale of being a porn store clerk. Not sure if it is true or not but it definitely is an interesting read. Obligatory Passage: I don’t think there should be any shame in masturbating, but I do think there should be shame in […]

802.11 Wireless Channel Plan

I got curious about what the channel allocation plan for 802.11 (Wi-Fi) is. After alway choosing a random channel that is not the same as any other nearby WiFi point I beacme curious to see what the channel plan is. After some googling around I dug up a channel plan on the net. If you […]

Interview with Cory Doctorow

This is a little old but I think it’s worth a read. O’ReillyNet interviews Cory Doctorow. I found this quote rather poignant and to the point: But one thing you discover in the technology world, especially in free software, is that being a good programmer and being a good person are not necessarily correlated, or […]

What is Best in Life?

“Crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and hear the lamentation of the Women” -Conan the Barbarian Just click on the picture for the link to the thread. It’s pretty funny if you ask me.

What are you learning now?

I saw a thread on ArsTechnica‘s bulletin board about What are You Learning Now.  I thought it was a neat thread and a nice break from all of the language wars, how do I…, choose a devel.  environment for me, etc threads that show up on their Programmer Section. Here’s the link:

Finding Bruce Peren’s Open Source Series Books for Download

One of the really generous things Bruce Perens is doing isoffering his name on a set of books on various Open Source topics andmaking sure those books are available under an Open Publication Licensewhich allows anyone to download the sources or something like a PDF. One of the really annoying things is that finding a […]

The cost of Web Services as a Platform?

Tim O’Reilly is definitely one guy moving the fast lane. For awhile now he’s been covering how websites such as and eBay are beginning to look more like an application rather than just a site that lets you buy books or sell stuff online. They offer many other services on top of their base […]