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Good Systems Administration should be boring

Tom has a great summary on why. One challenge for the cowboy sys admin is on how to keep oneself engaged while making their job basically… a walk in the park. One thing I have found helpful in creating lists is to be dogmatic about writing docs as you are doing something somewhere, anywhere and […]

Programming languages for your WinCE device

I got this WinCE device that I’ve been trying to wrangle into a nice cozy environment to do useful things so the first thing I started looking at was the availability of development tools that I can use directly on the device. In general, I prefer Ruby however I’m not wedded to it since I’d […]

Gates pushing forward the PC & TV as one at CES

PCs integrating more with the TV? “You will be assimilated”, anyone? I’ve seen photos of Windows Media Center but never actually tried it. Is anyone actually using it? The ability to integrate with a remote control sounds quite useful. The ability to get all the viruses Windows does, doesn’t. The ability to use many of […]

Windows Standby SUCKS!!!

Okay, that really ticked me off. I got some more work done on my big document and then put the laptop on standby and walk home. When I get home and hit the power button to power back up the laptop from standby mode…. the laptop congratulates me by showing a black screen, a lit […]

Bill Gates Unplugged

Cnet has an interview going on with Bill Gates. As much as I’m adverse to Microsoft stuff I try my best to read what the head honchos are up to since it’s smarter to understand what they’re up to than stick your head in the sand. I found this quote interesting. Especially if we pull […]

Notes from a Mac in Windoze land

The Harvard Business School requires that its students use an IBM ThinkPad if they wish to be enrolled at the business school. That’s REQUIREMENT not RECOMMENDATION. Seems one of the business school students decided a little differently and setup a weblog documenting his experiences walking in a Windoze universe with a Mac. So far it […]

Stupid m17n rant for Windoze

Well here I am with a laptop with japanese Windows XP Pro on it and I’m going through piles of dialogue Windows in the MMC trying to set some policies and other settings and just getting tired of slogging through piles of menus in Japanese. “No problem!” I say to myself and go to try […]

iTunes for Windows = Cocoa for Windows

Okay here’s a thought… I know that iTunes existed before OS X however there’s a possibility that iTunes could have been ported to Cocoa (or at least some parts of it). If that was the case wouldn’t that mean Apple had quite a bit of Cocoa already ported to Windows and ready to run? That […]

Finally, Rendezvous hits more platforms

Finally! Someone releases another Zeroconf aka Rendezvous for you Mac-heads library that works under Windows and Linux. This will get the ball rolling for more useful apps built on top of this technology. They even were cool enough to release the source under the BSD license. The source can be found here