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Bill Gates Unplugged

Cnet has an interview going on with Bill Gates. As much as I’m adverse to Microsoft stuff I try my best to read what the head honchos are up to since it’s smarter to understand what they’re up to than stick your head in the sand.

I found this quote interesting. Especially if we pull it out of its context and put it in the context of offshoring and outsourcing:

The IT systems are your brain. If you take your brain and outsource it then any adaptability you want (becomes) a contract negotiation.

Some food for thought? Yep. Even if IT isn’t what your core competency is but you rely on IT to keep your business running these are words to think about. Sure outsourcing might save you a bundle now (and in some cases it’s the only way to survive certain situations) but in the future if you need changes that’s a renegotiation you’ll have to go through. (Most likely with a higher price).

Link to interview

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