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{ Daily Archives } Monday, November 2003

Japan Kitty Parlor

From the same poster that mentioned seeing a kitten go for 1000 bucks (120,000Yen) we have the Nekobukuro. Man talk about a great time for cats that like living it up. Here’s a quote: Nekobukuro is a mini theme park where 20 cats roam free so you can play with them. The walls are fitted […]

A kitten goes for 1000 bucks in japan?

Dear gawd. How much is a cat worth??? How about go looking in the pound for all the unwanted kittens. They have those in Japan too I bet. Cripes, there’s cats all over the place where I live and I see quite a few that are too scruffy to be have a human home.

Disillusionment with Offshore Outsourcing from the offshore side (already??)

The Register has a story about the IT offshore industry folks in India already getting disillusioned and burnt out with the amount of work they get dumped and that it’s already causing cracks in the system there. In some ways I expected this to happen however this doesn’t mean offshore outsourcing is going to stop […]