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{ Daily Archives } Friday, November 2003

Copy Protection robs the Future

Dan Bricklin posts in a much more eloquent manner than I could on what is wrong with copy protection. The second excerpt in the quote below really drives the idea home. How are these works passed down through the generations? It usually isn’t the direct result of the efforts of the original creator. Other people […]

Walmart behind the scenes

Awhile back I posted about Can Wal-mart change Japanese retail. Seems BoingBoing found a story on Fast Company about how NOT dealing with Wal-mart in the U.S. is death for manufacturers. Here are some excerpts from the article: Wal-Mart wields its power for just one purpose: to bring the lowest possible prices to its customers. […]

Japanese English Electronic Dictionaries Reviews

If you’re a student of Japanese at some point you’ve probably come across the need for a dictionary. In Japan, Electronic dictionaries are very very very popular. They’re small, light, have amazing battery life (none of this hours nonsense. Let’s talk about months!), and depending on the model have excellent dictionaries/thesaurus’ included in them. This […]

Y2k Bug