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{ Monthly Archives } March 2005

Cargo Cult Science

I ran across the term “cargo cult science” and was trying to get a better understanding of the term. Here is what the late Professor Feynman defined cargo cult science as: In the South Seas there is a cargo cult of people. During the war they saw airplanes with lots of good materials, and they […]

A History of Photography

This is very cool. A History of Photography Website. Usually reading history of technology helps in understanding fundamentals and concepts for me. Too bad I’m still pretty slow at absorbing it all. Hey, stop ranting and give me the link

The Page is too stupid

Now that’s an error message. Read it yourself

Mining Google for Porn

This is just hilarious: While Google allows you to filter pornography and explicit sexual content from your search results using their “SafeSearch” feature, they do not provide a means to search exclusively for such adult material. … The unsafe search works by performing two Google queries, a normal query and a query with SafeSearch enabled. […]

The New York Times Reviews Transformers: The Movie

Okay here’s a blast from the past. The New York Times actually did a review on Transformers: The Movie. I’m reading through it now. Check out the review yourself