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{ Monthly Archives } September 2005

E-Ink DIY Kit

File under “Lusting After One” Dept. Specs: Gumstix single-board computer, which combines a 400 MHz Intel XScale PXA255 processor with a Bluetooth transceiver, USB, a serial port and an MMC card reader. They claim 11/1/2005 availability. Guess I’ll have to check around then. Link here

One way to promote your favorite programming language

One way to promote your favorite programming language is to write a useful tool then put a clause in the license like this: 4. You must agree not to port or translate Chronos into any programming language whose syntax, semantics and computational model are not substantially compliant to the ANSI Smalltalk Language Specification. Porting Chronos […]

Toshiba prepping Cell-based dev kits Q2 ’06

File this under the I Lust One Dept. The Register Link

Non-MSIE platform users not need apply for hurricane relief

The Inquirer reports that FEMA is only allowing users of the Microsoft Internet Explorer browser to apply for hurricane relief funds. “The now very much criticised US Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has stopped Mac and Linux victims of hurricane Katrina from applying for relief. The agency, which is already in hot water for its […]

Philip Greenspun on Arc

If you’ve not heard of Arc from Paul Graham you probably don’t follow programming language wanking that much. Philip Greenspun decided to offer his thoughts on Arc: No hopes for Arc, though Paul is a nice guy, unless someone writes a ground-breaking must-have open-source application in Arc that others want to modify. Lisp is more […]

Whatever happened with Expert Systems?

Paolo Amoroso posed an interesting question on the newsgroup (yes newsgroups still exist!) regarding what has happened to Expert Systems since the AI Winter. He got some very enlightening responses on what has happened with these systems since their introduction a couple of decades ago. Here is a choice quote from one of the […]

OpenCroquet downloads are back up

After my previous whining about the Croquet download site being down for repairs. A recent email on the Croquet Mailing Lists led me to believe they had fixed the download service. I double check it to find it’s back up. Awesome. Kudos to a quick recovery. And non-kudos to my crappy timing on checking the […]

Where the heck is the Mitsubishi PocketProjector?

For you blog folks that love keeping up with display technologies (that never seem to ever make it to the market… or at least the market that I and normal people shop at) does anyone know what ever became of the Mitsubishi DLP PocketProjector? Here is one of the earlier announcements from The PocketProjector […]

Open Source versus Commercial

This was absolutely hilarious although extremely crude: Open Sores versus Professional is the difference between green and brown shit, and anyone who tells you different is trying to grab your wallet while you are otherwise occupied. At least the Open Sores people are only wasting THEIR time, and not billable hours… Original Link to quote. […]

Drinking Croquet Kool-Aid not as easy as I hoped

Once again, I tried sitting down and working a little bit with Croquet. However the tutorials that are available at DMU break with the version of Croquet that I have on my system. I have applied all the updates by using the Big Updates button in Croquet. This might have been my problem. Unfortunately, Croquet […]

Japan speed-eater becomes dumpling meister

Speed eating seems to be the coined phrase for the ability to stuff your face with a huge amount of food in a short amount of time. The Japanese have pushed it past an art into a competitive sport it seems. Takeru Kobayashi polished off 83 of the steamed vegetarian dumplings in eight minutes … […]

GPGPU and OSes of the future… possible resource contention problems?

The GPU has seen an amazing jump in power over the past few years. It has moved from just processing graphics to handling more general types of computations. This general purpose computing on a GPU has been dubbed GPGPU (General Purpose GPU). If the computation matches the computational model that the GPU provides a tremendous […]

The Hanzi Bird

凸(-.-)凸 For more pictographic fun, try to decode this one… (thanks dda!) OTL