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Drinking Croquet Kool-Aid not as easy as I hoped

Once again, I tried sitting down and working a little bit with
Croquet. However the
tutorials that are available at DMU
break with the version of Croquet that I have on my system.

I have applied all the updates by using the Big Updates button in Croquet.
This might have been my problem. Unfortunately, Croquet is a moving target
and the Updates come steadily and as a poor beginner it isn’t always
easy to keep up if you aren’t following the curve. Just for note it
seems the last updates I have according to the Change Sorter tool is
August 18th, 2005. That seems a little old…

I took a shot at downloading a new version of Croquet from the website
however got this message:

download is currently disabled due to technical difficulties


While I do understand that Croquet is a moving target and at any time
things will not be working. It seems my timing for trying to goof around
with Croquet is impeccably bad. In theory, I could sit through and
figure out what the problem is (actually I know: the problem after
tracing the debugger is that when trying to load a texture it is
trying to use some function pathFromURI: however there is NO Class
that implements this function anymore… oops) and fix it and keep
on going or perhaps submit a fix. My gut feeling tells me this is an
old problem and I’m really not helping the Croquet folk move forward by
fixing this problem and telling them. More likely they are trying to
get this all working in the background and will have something up

So I’m left with one option…

Wait until another version comes out. Again. Welcome to the bleeding

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