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{ Daily Archives } Tuesday, September 2005

Japan speed-eater becomes dumpling meister

Speed eating seems to be the coined phrase for the ability to stuff your face with a huge amount of food in a short amount of time. The Japanese have pushed it past an art into a competitive sport it seems. Takeru Kobayashi polished off 83 of the steamed vegetarian dumplings in eight minutes … […]

GPGPU and OSes of the future… possible resource contention problems?

The GPU has seen an amazing jump in power over the past few years. It has moved from just processing graphics to handling more general types of computations. This general purpose computing on a GPU has been dubbed GPGPU (General Purpose GPU). If the computation matches the computational model that the GPU provides a tremendous […]

The Hanzi Bird

凸(-.-)凸 For more pictographic fun, try to decode this one… (thanks dda!) OTL