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{ Monthly Archives } September 2004

Is this for real? (An Islamic studies Professor indirectly helping the Taliban)

You’ve got to be kidding me. This is really hard to believe. Note RAWA stands for Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan. …when the opportunity arose to overthrow that brutal regime, it was expected that RAWA activists would naturally back the insurrection. However, it turned out these activists were more opposed to U.S. military […]

Chinese businessmen setting up trade in Thailand via Thai wives

“Chinese businessmen are flocking to northern Thailand and marrying local Thai women to make it easier to open businesses.” This is news to me but the strategy doesn’t seem that surprising to me. I think the one thing that sort of surprises me is how the Thais aren’t trying to put up a stiff fight […]

Lost in Arabic translation

Seems that the number of qualified Arabic translators in the U.S. is still too low to handle the massive input coming in. What to do? Training a new crop of ready translators takes time. I’d cut and paste a good tidbit but the CS Monitor makes it clear that reposting on the web requires permission. […]

Yet another reason why you need Professional Translators

And this nice example from a bootleg of Sex and the City: Original English: She gives hand jobs for a living. Chinese subtitles: She is a manual laborer. Read it for yourself. Thanks Brainysmurf

Truly Bad Advertising

Take a look for yourself.


Another science known as ijtihad (or reasoning and interpretation) was developed by Muslim scholars in order to understand and apply the message of the Qur’an to varying societal needs and conditions. I hope that something like ijtihad can be cultivated to slowly change sentiments in the Middle East. But these type of things take time […]

Vietnamese and Asian Census Maps

Thanks to Vuong Nguyen on LiveJournal we have some information from the U.S. Bureau on the distribution of Asian-Americans (and more noteable for me, Vietnamese) throughout the U.S. as well as many other different types of maps. This is really interesting stuff. As usual the west coast has some of the most concentrated numbers however […]

You need this as an Apple tech article?

Oh man, unbelievable. I suggest you just read it for yourself. What, what, lemme read it!

Teaching English in Saudi Arabia

I’m curious about life for foreigners in the Middle East. From a western perspective it currently is a place of turmoil, a clash between Islam and the West, uprisings, terrorist acts, and many other things. However, I’m curious about the life of an expatriate there. I think the first idea most people would think is, […]

Near East Collection at Yale U: Samples of Arabic and Persian Calligraphy

Yale University has samples of Arabic and Persian Calligraphy in their Near East Collection. Pictures of some of those samples are also available online for the curious who want to see what Arabic Calligraphy looks like. I’ve always found Arabic Calligraphy very beautiful even though I can’t understand anything in Arabic at all. If you’re […]

Searching for a Electronic EnglishVietnamese Dictionary

Been looking around for a good EnglishVietnamese electronic dictionary. One feature I really want is pronunciation. I have found that the pronunciation is one of the trickier things to pick up correctly on one’s own so a dictionary that can speak a new word would be quite valuable. The current contender I am looking at […]

Logical Rudeness

Thanks to USS Clueless for pointing a link out on Logical Rudeness. I’m reading through it now since it seems quite amusing. Go read it yourself


Looking for a rather fuss free FreeBSD-based distro to run your firewall? This one looks nice and very light and looks like an active project with plenty of excellent documentation. It might not be that easy to use but it seems for folks who want a balance between ease of use and a decent set […]